What Should be the Ideal Temperature of Potable Water?

What Should be the Ideal Temperature of Potable Water?

A piping hot cup of coffee or tea during the winters or a chilled glass of water might seem rejuvenating, but are you aware of how they affect our body? Here, Sadhguru attempts to tell us the perfect temperatures at which water or water-based foods should be consumed along the best methods to heat them.

A common thing observed by Sadhguru in the U.S. is that most people consume water with their glasses nearly half-filled with ice-cubes and that it is generally served with some ice all the time. Conversely, in India, people always prefer taking water without ice whenever they are out – sitting in a restaurant or visiting a friend.

Sadhguru explains that according to yogic culture, if you are on the way to inner transformation, you may be required to change your system to some other possible dimension. If this would be the case, then you should consume water, whose temperature is within the 4° centigrade range of the normal boy temperature – 32° to 40° centigrade. In fact, this is what the ideal temperature of the potable water should be.

For students, who just wish to acquire knowledge and not exactly willing to have any transformation, the ideal temperature of the drinking water should be within the 8° centigrade range from the normal body temperature – 28° to 44° centigrade.
If you are completely a home-bound person, have nothing to do with knowledge acquisition or inner transformation, and only involved in managing children, husband or wife, then you can have water, which is within the range of 12° centigrade from the normal body temperature, i.e., 22° to 48° centigrade.


Sadhguru asserts that water at a temperature below or above these prescribed ranges can be harmful to health. He says that it might not sound that great, but it is important to keep the temperature of drinking water neither too below nor too high then the body temperature. He further suggests that if someone wants to stay in the ideal range while being conscious about the same, he/she must keep the water in the recommended range.

Best Methods to Heat the Drinking Water

Best Methods to Heat the Drinking Water

Sadhguru further discusses ideal ways to heat the drinking water and asserts that it would be best to heat the water using sun’s energy as this is the most basic form of heat known to mankind. Further elaborating on the utilization of sunrays for heating water, he suggests setting up some element to be heated by solar panels on the terrace. Although solar panels are easily available these days, wood fire can be your next best option if there is no possibility to install a solar panel.

He further says that if that too is not possible, you can go for petroleum-based fuels. He says that it is not the best method, but way better than microwave. Sadhguru explains that microwave don’t heat the drinking water uniformly and just randomly heats a few water molecules all across the container in which it is kept.

If someone has heated water-containing food in a microwave, he/she must leave it to rest outside for around 15-20 minutes. This would allow the water in the food item to evenly spread the heat to the whole of it while adjusting its temperature with that of the food.

He emphasizes that one more important aspect to be considered while utilizing microwave to heat water is the texture of the container, which is usually smooth – usually, made out of porcelain or glass. Such smooth surfaces can superheat the water, which means, water may cross its boiling point without being vaporized as no air bubble gets formed. Sadhguru warns that this superheat water can be hazardous.

Sadhguru hopes that the above discussion will now allow you to make better choices not only with respect to the temperature of your drinking water, but how to bring your water to that temperature.