Why Looking For Something is Not Enough to Attain Spirituality – Sadhguru Explains

Why Looking For Something is Not Enough to Attain Spirituality – Sadhguru Explains

Spirituality is not just about looking for truth or God, but about learning to observe or paying attention. Sadhguru asserts that every sphere of our life – from religious to intellectual – is governed by mere conclusions. He reminds that whenever he utters the word “spiritual,” it does not imply ‘search of god.’ He explains that god in itself is also a conclusion.

Our obsession with conclusions has been deeply ingrained, mostly in our susceptible years. Sadhguru recalls that he was quite skeptic during his childhood years. He used to wonder where is god, who is he and why should he pray? As a result, he never entered any temple whenever his family visited one. During all those visits, he was left with the footwear attendant, who used to hold him so tight that Sadhguru couldn’t escape. And, while being in the custody, Sadhguru every time observed that people coming out of the restaurants were much happier than those coming out of the temples. This intrigued him a lot.

Endless Attention

Sadhguru says that as a child, since he was skeptic, he always had a lot of questions. He would go on wondering about things and never felt the need of reaching conclusions. He paid enough attention to just everything; for instance, a leaf, a glass of water and many other things.

Gradually, he went on to realized that how language is just a conspiracy devised by the humans. Whenever someone spoke, all they said were just sounds. The other person deciphered meanings out of those utterances. According to Sadhguru, words are nothing more than patterns.


Sadhguru observed that he was curious to know things in general, but when his eyes were closed; he was even more attentive. From the way the body vibrates or organs function to how the inner energies move or human anatomy aligns; all these intrigued him even more. Besides, concluding how he was or what he was, he realized that if he would be wishing, he could change to anything; from an autonomous person to being nebulous.

Learn to Look

Learn to Look

Just anything could captivate Sadhguru’s attention in this state of unending attention. He feels that people must realize the importance of the state of not knowing. This state, according to him, is a gateway to knowledge.

Sadhguru explains that the ability to look without any associated motive is something the world is missing today. Everyone wants to assign meaning to everything. He reiterates that spirituality is not about looking for the god or the ultimate truth, but about enhancing perception. He states that he has never looked for anything and if a person wants to become spiritual, he or she should not actually strive for searching for something. Instead, learning to just look is all what is required.