Our Team

Zovon is a health-centered website with a wide range of comprehensive informational articles on drugs, health conditions, health tips along with latest health-related news. The primary intent of Zovon is to instill health awareness among its readers. The authentic and meticulously drafted information is contributed by a team of experts from various domains. Let’s learn about them.

A certified nutritionist, Mary E. Watson, through her write-ups, emphasizes on the significance of a healthy diet. Her competence in encouraging the readers to lead a healthy lifestyle is exemplary. With an on-board fitness trainer, Eddie N. Sanchez, we motivate our fitness-freak readers to attain a sturdy body. An ardent health blogger, Kelly W. Shoemaker, pens down simple, realistic health tips to stay young and healthy. Candace G. Herman, a practicing psychiatrist, with her strong academic background, writes about mental health illnesses. She is driven to fortify individuals with mental health disorders to live a normal life.

Additionally, our panel boasts Darrel E. Reyes, an academician with paramount inclination towards research in the field of genetics, drugs and biotechnology, ensures the delivery of revised health-relevant information. A devoted pharmacologist in a leading pharmaceutical company, Frank K. Norman, imparts knowledge on prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with their therapeutic use and side effects. A licensed beautician, Amy J. Smith, with more than 15 years of experience in her field, encourage the readers to incorporate natural ways to look ravishing. She propagates the use of diet and supplements for an attractive youthful appearance.

Last but not the least, Peter D. Griffin, a health care journalist, outlines the latest health news. He stays acquainted with recent advances in the field of medical research, drug discoveries and global health issues.

With our dedicated team of health cognoscenti, we strive to build an informed world with a primary focus on prevention and wellness.