Sadhguru Explains How to Cope With the Loss of Loved Ones

Sadhguru Explains How to Cope With the Loss of Loved Ones

It is both unfortunate and excruciating to lose a loved one. Death, desertion or a disease might part you with your loved one. The most troublesome part is the void that they leave in our lives, which was previously occupied by them.

Sadhguru explains that it is important to understand the fundamental nature of life that everyone has to die at some point or other in time. In case of partners, the only question, which matters is – who will die first?

Sadhguru feels that it is very important to come to terms with these natural happenings. Otherwise, we would only be able to offer temporary solace to ourselves by recalling trivial things. And, the very next day we would wake up to the reality that would do nothing, but agonize us even more.

It is therefore important to understand that everyone, who is alive today, will not be here forever. Sadhguru says that one who knows that he/she is going to die soon, would always show his best face. On the other hand, if you try and tell someone that you are going to die only after turning 60 or 70, nobody would really pay attention to you. Well, the fact is that you don’t know when you are going to die – tomorrow or after fifty years! So, why don’t you always put your best face forward?


Let There Be Tears of Joy and Not Grief

Let There Be Tears of Joy and Not Grief

People, who leave us, have enriched our lives in several ways. If they have really bettered our lives, we must also say a goodbye cheerfully without lamenting their exit from the planet. We must value the enhancements and sweetness that they brought into our lives. In some way, they made your life complete.

So, it is our responsibility to remember them with tears of joy and not grief. They mattered to us because they were just fabulous to you. Their memories must bring cheerful expressions on your face, rather than sadness and depression. If you are persistently feeling more and more depressed thinking about them, then you might have still not come to terms with the basic fact of life – mortality.

Sadhguru is trying to emphasize the idea that it is important to remember them with happiness for all that have done to us. He says that had you died before them, you would have left them in the very same situation, you are presently in. So, you must stand up for them as a human being in the first place.

Collecting Pieces of Life

When you come into existence, you gradually add certain accessories to your life including wealth, relationships, work, business and more. But, you get attached to them; identify them as your life and possibly fear losing them. However, the truth is that these things will fall apart gradually. Few people lose hair, wealth, business, relationships, body parts and various other things as time passes by.

This happens to prepare for your eventual exit from the planet. You would lose so many of your relatives, friends and other relationships before your time comes to an end. And, all of these are just natural. Sadhguru explains that you have to accept these as a part of life. The sooner you become disillusioned, the better would be the situation for you. Either you can choose to become depressed or you can come to your senses. The choice always remains in your hands.

Self-realization is about becoming disillusioned. Right now, you are sticking too close to illusions and tightly holding them. Everyone has a limited time period on earth. Right from the time you take birth, your clock keeps ticking until your time comes to an end. We still try to make best possible use of the time allotted to us.

Thus, if you don’t give up on your illusions, you will be left oblivious to the most important aspects of your life. You must free yourself from all the illusions. The disillusioned state will help you get enlightened too. However, most of the time, people don’t let themselves to get disillusioned. Thus, when they get over one illusion, some other captures their mind. Sadhguru describes that in such a case, you are left with two options – either to get enlightened or face the lights of cremation. So, choose wisely!