Meaning and Significance of Various Reiki Symbols

meaning and significance of various reiki symbols

Reiki is based on the principle that energy within the body could be moved through touch, which initiates the process of physical, mental and emotional healing. A very important component of Reiki is its symbols. These symbols help individuals use Reiki for specific purposes. Reiki symbols alert the body and mind. To activate them, the practitioners of Reiki visualize the symbols, utter their names aloud and sometimes even draw them.

Now, we need to understand what Reiki symbols are, their meaning and what you should learn about them. Earlier, these symbols were kept a secret but as the technique grew popular, people gradually came to know about them. Some of these symbols are discussed in the following sections of the article:

Cho ku rei: The Power Symbol

Cho ku rei is just the right symbol in case you want to decrease or increase the power. It can be drawn as a coil, either in the clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction. This is representational of chi or life energy, which gets transferred throughout the body. You may have to visualize it as a switch, which once activated, leads to greater illumination, enlightenment and channeling the energy through the body.

Usage of Cho ku rei

It is used at the beginning of a Reiki session for enhancing the Reiki power as may be needed during the session. It can be used when you want to heal an injury. It can cure light pains to the more serious and painful injuries.


Cho ku rei can be utilized when you wish to clear out the negative energy that may get stuck during your Reiki session. You can even draw the symbols on the walls of your room if you want the energy to be positive and light.

These symbols can be used if you are facing relationship issues. You can draw this symbol on your business cards or can activate it before an important job interview or a conversation with a loved one.

It protects you from misfortunes. Misfortunes are believed to occur due to impure energy. This symbol will also eliminate negative energy from your food, making it more healthy and powerful.

usage of cho ku rei

Sei he ki: The Symbol of Harmony

This symbol means unity of man and God. This can be used when you need emotional and mental balance. It is known to balance the two sides of the brain.

Usage of sei he ki

If you want to memorize some new information, excel in a test or in general, willing to improve your memory, you can get help from the reiki symbol – sei he ki. When you are reading a book or writing something in your notebook, draw this symbol on the pages of your book as this will help you remember the information for quite a long time. You can activate it using the power of visualization.

Also, if you want to break a bad habit, you can rely on sei he ki. Bad habits are a consequence of seeing yourself in a negative light. When you visualize this symbol, you start seeing yourself positively; thereby, giving up bad habits.

This can also help in case of headaches. Headaches may arise from instability of emotions and mind and sei he ki can balance this. It provides protection against negative vibes. It eliminates negativity from the body. It can energize your affirmations. When you pen down your affirmation, draw this reiki symbol next to it. It will be really helpful.

usage of sei he ki

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: The Symbol of Distance

It means having no past, present or future. It can be used for transferring reiki energy over space and time. This symbol cannot alter your past but can heal old wounds. It makes you view the experience as a learning event rather than something devastating. It can send you in future and give you coping abilities to deal with future events.

Usage of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

It is a very powerful symbol and must be used correctly to reap its benefits. This can be used daily for healing traumas from the past as well as at present.

usage of hon sha ze sho nen


Dai ko myo: The Master Symbol

This symbol nourishes and enlightens. And, it is one of the sacred symbols of Reiki. The vibration of this symbol is very high and it can transform situations. It heals the upper chakra, soul and the aura. It is the symbol of enlightenment. The word itself means ‘great enlightenment.’ It helps in spiritual enlightenment, thereby taking people closer to God.

Usage of Dai ko myo

You can draw the symbol or visualize it with your 3rd eye. You can even meditate on this symbol and it will nourish your soul and the body. It can equip you with the powers to help yourself and others around you.

You can call on Dai ko myo, if you wish to achieve more self-awareness and boost the relationship with yourself. It becomes more effective when it is used in combination with other reiki symbols. It improves the immune system as it boosts the flow of energy. It clears all the blockages.

usage of dai ko myo

Raku: The Symbol of Completion

It is known as the fire serpent. It is used after reiki for grounding purposes. It is drawn to receive the benefits of reiki just like savasana is used at the end of yoga to extract its benefits. It is used to clear out the negative energy that may have been absorbed during the process.

Usage of Raku

It is used at the end of the reiki session for absorbing the benefits of the process. If you need grounding, you can draw the symbol to receive the grounding benefits.

usage of raku

Using All Reiki Symbols at Once

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you want to send Reiki to a child who is not well. Hold his photograph in your hand and visualize the different reiki symbols. Then speak out his name three times while holding his photo. This way you can send healing energy to them.

You can also give reiki energy to a future event that you are anticipating. Visualize the symbols and ask them to give you peace when that event will happen so that you can remain calm. This will make you less anxious and you will be able to concentrate on the event.

These symbols will help you improve your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you haven’t received reiki treatment, consider giving it a try. Only after going through the sessions will you be able to understand the symbols for implementation in your day to day life.