5 Things to Improve Your Overall Wellness

5 things to improve your overall wellness

While you always wish to look your best and make heads turn, you should rather strive to feel better and balanced and take care of your health and wellness. Summers can bring along a lot of stress, especially if you want to look svelte in your new swimsuit.

Tara Sowlaty, a holistic nutritionist, explains that as long as you have a positive outlook in life and well-planned routine, you are good to go. Continue reading to get some inspiration for kick-starting your wellness routine.

5 Things For Enhancing Your Overall Wellness

Discussed below are five easiest ways to feel and look great around the year:

1. Add Fiber, Fat and Protein to Your Diet:



add fiber fat and protein to your diet

A balanced diet will keep you full for longer as well as energized. Incorporating protein, fat and fiber in your diet will give your body enough energy to thrive on and would nourish your cells.

You can have an easy-to-prepare salad, comprising sweet potato, avocado, lemon juice, cherry tomatoes, kale, cucumber, broccoli – spiced up with herbs and pepper.

2. Have A Schedule:

have a schedule

It is indeed crucial to have an eating as well as exercise routine to prevent giving in to unhealthy options. Work out in the morning, if you know you are going to be very busy for the rest of the day and pack some healthy foods with you for better health and wellness.

3. Stay Hydrated All Day Long:

stay hydrated all day long

We all have heard that staying hydrated keeps you going, especially in the summers. But, do you know why? It is because staying hydrated naturally increases your energy levels, flushes out toxins and boosts your immunity.

4. Consume Seasonal, Local and Fresh Fruits:

consume seasonal local and fresh fruits

It is best to consider seasonal options and buy items like dark leafy greens vegetables, fermented vegetables and avocados.

Any product that you are unable to find at your local store can be purchased from a nearby grocery shop. Always buy produce in smaller quantities, so as to keep everything fresh for the longest time possible.

5. Sweat Daily:

sweat daily

Experts recommend exercising daily even if you have just 10 minutes to spare. If you are not the one, who would love being at gym every single day, you can run, walk, swim or hike instead. You should really exercise every day to help your body grow and become stronger.


With all these tips, you will definitely feel stronger, become fitter and experience positivity all the time. Let’s pledge to work towards our overall wellness rather than merely focusing on getting a summer body.