Sadhguru Explains How to Do Right Things with Yourself

Sadhguru Explains How to Do Right Things with Yourself

Sadhguru stresses the importance of doing right things with yourself. It helps in mental, physical, and spiritual development of a person. Sadhguru explains the importance of doing right things with yourself and also shares tips on how to do the same. Read on to know more about this.

Inner Engineer Yourself

There is technology and science to create our external wellbeing, similarly there is technology to create our inner wellbeing. It is not about ethics, philosophies, or morals. These are simple yet powerful ways to live your life peacefully, joyfully and with your full potential. Technology means to do things in a way they are supposed to be done. Unless you do the right things with yourself, you cannot expect that right things will happen to you. If you are not ecstatic, joyful, and peaceful, this implies that you have not done right things with yourself. Sadhguru says that you have to inner engineer yourself such that you know, how to do right things with yourself.

The basis and nature of your experience reside within you. Pleasure, pain, misery, joy, ecstasy, and agony, all happen within you. According to Sadhguru, the seat of your experience lies within you and if you know how that happens, you can very much make your life unpleasant or pleasant. The choice ultimately remains in your hands.

Change Your Attitude to Disempower Stress

It is not your work, lifestyle, family, or circumstances which lead to stress. Whether you describe it as anger, fear, or irritability, it is generally your inability to efficiently manage your emotions, mind, body, and energy. Sadhguru explains that human body is a very sophisticated gadget, but you have to understand its manual, so that it functions at best of its ability.


Stress is similar to friction in a machine. This friction is generally caused due to improper movement of the machine parts or because there is not proper lubrication. It is not about hiding or managing your stress  but about not creating stress in first place. Sadhguru believes that stress is our creation and we can very well avoid it. If you initiate a simple yet effective yogic process, there will be nothing known as stress. You will observe that your body has started functioning with a certain ease.

Have a Positive and Balanced Relationship with Food

Have a Positive and Balanced Relationship with Food

The best foods to consume are ones that provide you the necessary agility and energy without creating any stiffness or inertia. You can experiment and see which foods suit you best. Sadhguru believes that 50% raw vegetables and fruits along with 50% cooked foods might be best choice for you. Each person must experiment with foods and reach a balance of diet. This can be easily done by awareness and observation. Food you eat gives you life and if you start eating with enormous gratitude towards living things which gave up their lives to give you this life, food will start behaving in an altogether different way with you.

Learn to Keep Calm and Strive Towards Happiness

You must know that your mind is a boss and you are its slave. If you meditate, you can turn things other way round. You will become boss and your mind will be your slave. Sadhguru believes that meditation is not just an act but a quality. You don’t necessarily have to do meditation, but you can become meditative. To become meditative, you can cultivate your energies, mind, body, and emotions to reach a certain level of maturity.

Happiness or joy always arise from within you. It might be due to anything you have done, listened to music, watched sunrise, or achieved success; the reason could just be anything. Happiness can’t be poured over you. Sadhguru explains that the sources of happiness are right within us, but the necessary stimulus is outside. If you need a thing or person to be happy, then that is the worst kind of slavery. You must abolish this slavery to experience a better and happier world. Sadhguru insists that you have to inner engineer yourself for being the very source of your own happiness.

Work-Life Balance Is Indeed Important

According to Sadhguru, there is nothing as work and life. Both are important of life and they are nothing but just life. You need not to demarcate between what is life and work. You should take things as they come, to effectively deal with different aspects of life. Sadhguru asserts that he works 7 days a week and 365 days each year but still does not need any vacation. He says if you love what you do, you will never need any break or vacation from your work. Work is actually to be lived and life is to be worked upon. The most important thing is to work upon yourself.