Feeling Sick? Know If You Really Need to Visit a Doctor or Not

Feeling Sick Know If You Really Need To Visit A Doctor or Not

Health and wellness are natural aspirations of every cell in the body. Health is not something you have to think of as a mission. By being aware of your health and paying attention to your body, you can very well become expert of your overall wellbeing. Sadhguru reminds us to pay attention to our body and to know whether we need to visit a doctor or not if feeling unwell.

Sadhguru says that the modern healthcare schemes make most of the people seek medical help even when it is not required. It is more of a commercial activity rather than being a culture. Out of massive 19 trillion-dollar U.S. economy, healthcare only contributes 3 trillion dollars. Sadhguru feels that this is not a good sign. A lot of therapies, surgeries and procedures are not necessary, but they happen as it is needed to keep the economy growing.

Is an Expert Opinion Always Necessary?

Is expert opinion always necessary

Sadhguru explains that most of the things do not require an external intervention. Let’s understand how to distinguish whether you need to visit doctor or not. First you must try everything on your own. If nothing works, then you must try to seek outside help. For example, if your hand is paining, you know which muscle is paining. So, you can easily decide which muscles must be given rest and which ones need activity. Unfortunately, all of us can understand what our body wants but we still want an expert opinion.


A doctor doesn’t know where it hurts, he knows only when you tell him. You yourself are your own expert, according to Sadhguru. If you just pay superficial attention to your body, chances are that you would not know which muscles hurt but if you really pay attention to your health, you will know. Despite knowing it, you might choose not to do anything because either you don’t have time, or you feel lethargic. That is a different story but if you really pay attention, every one of us is capable of knowing without help of an expert.

Most of the Ailments Don’t Need any Treatment

Yes, there are certain health conditions that require an expert to diagnose but most of the day-to-day ailments don’t require a doctor for diagnosis. If your kidneys are not functioning properly, then you will need a doctor to recognize the symptoms you are experiencing. Sadhguru states that around 70 to 80% of all the therapies and around 60% of surgeries could be just avoided and people would still be all fine. All they need is to take care of themselves, do something about their health and eat healthy.

Sadhguru feels that around seventy percent of all the ailments do not need any kind of medical intervention. Most of these require disciple and determination. If people suffering from self-manageable ailments do right things to themSadhguruselves, we can really say humanity is overall healthy. A few percentage might be either this side or that owing to their laziness and ignorance. Others however can fix themselves with just a little determination and conviction.

Sadhguru recalls that whenever he visits a doctor, he asks him “what is this disease?” Based on whatever diagnosis the doctor gives, whatever medicines he recommends, Sadhguru always does something else to treat that particular ailment. He expresses that he only visits a doctor for a second opinion. This makes Sadhguru aware of exactly what is happening in his body, but he always does what he feels is best.

Your Body’s Natural Aspiration Is to Be Healthy

You need to have a certain level of awareness and attention about yourself in order to be healthy. Too much concern about your health or being obsessed with being healthy is itself an illness. There are billions of pages printed about health in a number of books worldwide. This itself denotes ill-health and an unnecessary fetish. You must realize that every cell in your body aspires for health and this is something you need not to think intentionally about.

While if you are eating wrong, drinking wrong, breathing wrong, living wrong or doing everything wrong, only then you need to intentionally think about being healthy. If you indulge in something that is otherwise detrimental to your health, you would then think multiple times that you want to be healthy. Sadhguru stresses that every cell in our bodies, wants and strives to be healthy. You need to leave them to work on their own. Sadhguru requests not to mess with your cells or to cancer them.

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where everything is poisonous. We are breathing things, that we must not breathe. We are unintentionally consuming things we must not consume, and we are drinking things we must otherwise not. Sadhguru advises to take a little more care of our health as we have already poisoned the world we are living in. We thus need to remember that health is a natural aspiration of each of our body cells and we must just learn to be a little more aware and attentive. Health is not something that we have to regard as a mission.