How to Deal With Food Allergies?

How to Deal With Food Allergies?

Allergies are very common these days. We see many people around us suffering from some kind of allergy. One of the most common allergies that we see these days is food allergy. It can happen to anyone, irrespective of their age or gender. But, what causes these allergies? Sadhguru answers this by saying that these allergies are a result of our modern lifestyle. He highlights various factors associated with the modern lifestyle that are responsible for causing food allergies, these are:

Unhealthy Eating

Sadhguru blames unhealthy food for causing food allergies in people. He explains that food is not produced in a right way in factories. He says that food should come out of the ground, not from the factories. Also, allergies are common in people who consume meat, especially those who eat mass-produced meat. This is because they don’t consume the meat of a certain animal. Rather, they eat various kinds of parts of nearly all kinds of animals, which are combined to form a single sausage.

People still consume these foods because they contain a certain ‘amount of protein’. The fact is that even garbage contains some protein and nutrients, but this doesn’t mean that we can consume it. Also, our body is made to consume organic elements, and not synthetic supplements found in food. Thus, if we consume these synthetic elements, they are surely going to mess up with the chemistry of our body. Thus, it is necessary to keep a watch at what we eat and focus on eating organic foods so that we don’t suffer from food allergies.

Mixing It All Up

According to Sadhguru, we are surrounded by so much food that we have lost respect for it. Wherever we go, there is a lot to serve in one plate and we often mix-up the food on our plate and eat it. Sadhguru says that this is where we go wrong. The reason for this is that our stomach treats every food in a different way. So, when we mix it all up, it confuses the system of our body, causing allergies. Sadhguru advices to eat one food at a time so that the body can consume the food appropriately and we can stay safe from allergies.


Lifestyle Choices

Our health depends much on the food we consume. Sadhguru says we always have a choice to make while opting for what to eat. We can choose healthy organic food or go for unhygienic food from the streets. This is all up to our choices. He says that we are too busy to choose healthy food. But, this is not the right way to live. This only leads to various allergies. You might even see children suffering from lactose intolerance, i.e., milk allergy. The lifestyle of earlier generations was quite different from that we follow today. They used to keep a watch on what they were eating.

Atmospheric Factor

Yes, atmosphere also affects our body and can possibly cause allergies. This is because there are too many harmful free radicals around us. When we inhale air, some these toxins enter our body. These toxins can react with the food we consume and may cause food allergies.

However, there can also be other reasons for food allergy. It may pass on from one generation to another due to genetic inheritance. Also, there is no certain way to treat inherited food allergy. The only way to prevent such condition is to avoid the foods that cause allergic reaction in the body.

So, is there any treatment possible for food allergies? Sadhguru answers this and says that yoga can be the possible treatment of the problem. He says that Shambhavi Mahamudra and Shakti Chalana Kriya can be a possible solution to the treatment of various allergies. Also, he advices to use vibhuti mixed in water to make vibhuti water and consume at least 5 liters of it every day to get rid of food allergy.