Reasons to Replace All Your Supplements with Just One

reasons to replace all your supplements with just one

Taking supplement to promote wellness is a logical trend that you should follow. But before you visit a health food store or if your medication cabinet has all that supplements, you might consider a less-is-more concept.

According to Luke Brucci, a lead scientist and vice president of research and development at Ritual, more than 20 ingredients present in multivitamins which most people are not deficient in are added to nutrition plan.

It is difficult to decide which vitamin to take and which vitamin to leave. But Dr. Brucci has all the answers related to it. A research team led by Brucci identified all the essential nutrients that are required by women and kept them in a single non-GMO, gluten free capsule which are free from synthetic colorant and fillers.

With Ritual, all you have to do is to keep one bottle of vitamin to get all your necessary dose of magnesium, iron, boron, along with vitamins B12, D3, K2, and E and omega -3, and nothing else.


1. Vitamin Delivery Method Matters

Do you remember candy-like gummies were the only way to take vitamins when you were a kid? But these are not going to work for you as an adult. Not only they are coated with extra sugar, they are also difficult for your body to absorb. It may cause nausea and inhibit the active ingredients in doing their job.

To make sure that the nutrients are properly absorbed, Ritual developed its own beadlet-in-oil technology for multivitamins. Unlike dry ingredients like magnesium and B12, these encapsulated multivitamins keep the oily nutrients, say K2s and omega 3s, in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. These are delayed-release capsule that do not reach the stomach and arrive at an ideal place for absorption.

2. All Ingredients Are Not Created Equally

The nutrients are of no use if they do not get absorbed by the body cells. Dr. Brucci uses the bioidentical and active forms of each vitamin that are found in healthy foods. It ensures that the ingredients are absorbed completely in the body. Rather than using cheap form of vitamins (synthetic folic acid), Rituals uses high-quality forms. For example, Ritual uses food form folate instead of regular folic acid used in 90 percent of other supplements. In 40 percent of women, the standard folic acid does not work properly due to gene variation.

3. Additives Are Not Your Friends

Dr. Brucci says that additives in multivitamins can be carcinogenic. So, Ritual tries to keep their vitamins free form junk which are present mostly in other vitamins. Most of the companies use these ingredients called excipients because it makes easier for them to make the pills or make them attractive. Ritual makes vitamins that are free from artificial color, mineral oil, parabens, titanium dioxide and many more.

4. Don’t Waste Money in Low-Quality Vitamins

Why to spend so much money on the vitamins that your body cannot even use? Getting high-quality minerals, vitamins and omega-3 individually can get really expensive. Ritual provides each of these in just one bottle and that is what makes Ritual exceptional. So, you get all the nutrients required without sacrificing any other wellness habits, like cutting your yoga classes budget.