People with Blood Type A+ Shouldn’t Eat These Foods


A naturopathic physician, Peter D’Adamo, was the first to put forward the idea that it is best to eat foods that are compatible with a person’s blood type. This way one can lose weight, reduce the possibility of chronic health conditions and prevent various diseases. However, many medical professionals don’t think the similar way and deny any association between foods and blood types. Read on to know the best and worst foods for people with blood type A+.

Primarily, there are four blood types, viz., A, B, O and AB. Each of these categories are further divided into ‘positive’ and ‘negative.’ These A and B are antigens that can trigger an immune response if they enter your body. D’ Adamo stresses the fact that the basic antigen, which determines your blood type does have an effect on how you digest your food.

Diet for Blood Type A

D’ Adamo advises that if you have blood type A – either positive or negative – you must preferably consume a vegetarian diet. From an evolutionary point of view, the blood type A evolved when the early men were evolving towards an agrarian and settled lifestyle and their diet was most probably vegetarian.

Type-A individuals are already predisposed to developing various health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. People with blood type A are thus advised to adhere to a strictly vegetarian diet for enhancing their sensitive immune system.


Foods Blood Type A Individuals Must Avoid

D’Adamo states that people of each blood type should avoid sugary and processed foods, but Type A people have various other foods to avoid. He advises that people with type-A blood should avoid poultry, meat, eggs and also dairy products.

If you feel like consuming fish, you should consume in only limited quantities. Instead, you should go for a diet high in vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds. Along with plant-based diet, you must also engage in physical exercises like yoga and tai chi.

Although this blood type-specific diet is not intended for weight loss, you might still lose weight by following this particular type A diet. However, there is lack of scientific evidence supporting the fact that this diet plan is more effective than others for losing weight. By eliminating or limiting high-fat and high-calorie foods, it’s quite possible to lose weight initially. The problem would be to stick to a restrictive diet for longer durations.

Also, it is possible that you won’t get adequate vitamins and minerals when other food groups are completely eliminated from your diet. Nevertheless, the choice always remains in your hands.