Is MSG Harmful to Your Health?


Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is thought to be dangerously toxic. It was once extensively used as an additive in many foods by Chinese restaurants across Australia, but now those very same restaurants presently take proud in claiming that their foods are “MSG free.” So, now the question arises – Is Msg really a cause of worry? Let’s find out!

MSG has been thought to be the cause of conditions like terrible headaches to unreasonable numbness and as a result, it has been criticized by many nutritionists and health experts. But, the truth is that its reputation is being stained for no good reason as there is not much scientific evidence against MSG.

Surprisingly, this ingredient also shares similarities with naturally occurring glutamate, which is present in numerous foods like tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and cheese. There is no scientific evidence associating MSG with some health issues.

As a matter of fact, quite a few people are known to observe unwanted side effects of MSG after its consumption in larger quantities – more than 3 gm. And, one point to be noted here that this can hold true for many other fluids and foods; possibly, because only a few people tend to be intolerant to such ingredients.


So, this doesn’t make MSG bad for everyone. Exceptions are always there!