Collagen Snack Bar – New Superfood?

collagen snack bar

Superfood, we all know they have something to delight us with their amazing health benefits. Nowadays, with an increase in health complications, people are also moving towards a lifestyle with some special things to ensure overall health and wellness. A healthy diet is one of them and superfood is one of the best options to design your plate.

Amidst thousands of superfoods available in supermarkets, a health food company named Locako has introduced the first collagen snack bar in Australia. This collagen snack bar is nutty with a butter base which contains 11% of grass-fed collagen (a trendy collagen mainly refers to cow’s collagen).

Mammals around the globe naturally produce a protein called collagen which is mainly present in connective tissues. Manufacturers have also reacted collagen with water to create its hydrolyzed form and used it in cosmetics and there are other supplements available in the market claiming to increase skin plumpness along with improving gut and joint health. But, the idea of mixing it with a snack is new.

Owner of Locako Ally Mellor said “We’re used to hearing about people putting collagen in their lips but putting it past your lips is actually a healthier and more natural way to make the most of its anti-aging benefits.”


But, the question that is still unanswerable, if naturally produced collagen provides all these benefits, is there any benefits of directly eating or swallowing it?

Simone Austin, spokesperson, and dietitian for Dietitians Association of Australia says that there is still no complete evidence and research should be comprehensive to visibly observe its effectiveness. He also added “As collagen is a protein, it is broken down and digested into individual amino acids,” she explains. “It may then stimulate collagen production and healing, particularly if consumed with vitamin C – according to some research. But we need more research.”

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in the year 2016 found that vitamin C enriched gelatin supplements can help in increasing natural production of collagen. “If collagen in collagen snack bar works in the same way as gelatin, it is not known and still in preliminary research,” Austin says. Further, he added ” They need to do more research on collagen and its role in improving joint and gut health”.

A spokesperson from Australasian College of Dermatologists says that collagen will give a healthier and radiant looking skin but there is no strong or any proof about eating it directly to increase skin plumpness. “Such products like collagen snack bar might have existed for some time in Asia with no definite long-term scientific benefit shown.”

The spokesperson even warned the audience, as there could be some health risks of eating collagen “Any protein-containing product may draw out sensitivities or allergies in those who ingest them and any included active ingredients may also have unexpected effects.”

Austin said, if we really wish to increase natural collagen production then eating a diet with adequate proteins and amino acids (dairy, seeds, nuts, legumes, tofu, and lentils) is a great way to start.

“Anthocyanins, a group of plant compounds which give berries and other fruit and vegetables their red, purple or blue pigment are also important in collagen repair and synthesis,” she says.

Bottom line:

A collagen snack bar is introduced but there are no proofs that can tell us about its effectiveness or results on humans. So, it’s better to wait for further comprehensive research and eat healthy to stay fit and glowing for long as results are skeptical.