7 Workout Habits That Are Not Good For Vaginal Health


Workout is indeed beneficial for our health and longevity, but it comes with certain unwanted side effects like messing with your vaginal health. Yes, that’s true! A few workout habits can negatively affect your vaginal health and one must take of such habits. Although it is really important to indulge in some kind of physical activity daily, preventive steps should be taken to keep such issues at bay.

Since working out is about sweating, indulging in intense activities and wearing tight gym clothing, it is quite common to experience issues like vaginal yeast infections, chafing and more.

Paula Bilica, an obstetrician-gynecologist (Ob/Gyn), explains that working out is beneficial for our overall health. Exercising can boost immunity and thus, help prevent vaginal infections. It can also help in strengthening your pelvic floor that might prevent various conditions like urinary leakage and vaginal prolapse. She stresses that people must be very careful while exercising to prevent any possible injuries. Continue reading to know about seemingly harmless workout habits that are actually not good for your vaginal health.

Workout Habits That Might Damage Your Vaginal Health


Let’s know what are those seven workout habits that you must avoid to keep your vagina healthy. Experts say that such habits can also damage your overall health too.

1. Cycling Too Much and Too Frequently

Bilica explains that female cyclists face quite a lot of issues but the most common one is loss of sensation in their vaginal area. Cycling for long durations with an ill-fitted bike seat can cause temporary loss of sensation in the vaginal area or might cause intense pain.

She further advises that it is important to talk to your Ob/Gyn immediately if you are experiencing any of these issues after prolonged cycling. If not taken care of, this issue can lead to permanent nerve damage, which can be possibly prevented by using a padded bike seat, comfortable cycling shorts and an ergonomically designed bike

2. Exercising Just A Few Days After Delivery

Women are generally advised to workout at least six weeks after giving birth to a baby. It is even more important to begin and further getting used to light activities like walking and mild yoga. Bilica warns that intense exercises soon after giving birth would do more bad than good.

Easy abdominal exercises like crunches can exert pressure on the already weakened pelvic floor. This might lead to vaginal prolapse. She stresses that post-partum women must definitely consult their Ob/Gyn before starting any workout regimen and most importantly, must listen to their body.

3. Removing Your Pubic Hair

Waxing or shaving off all your pubic hair can increase your risk of developing chronic vaginitis or commonly a vaginal infection. Dr. Tami Prince, an Ob/Gyn, explains that vaginal hair provide protection to the skin against infection and friction.

Hair removal leads to micro cuts and tears in the skin that might serve as entry points for fungi and bacteria. Along with friction caused by workout and tight gym clothes, you should be careful about this factor as well.

4. Wearing Tight Gym Clothes

Prince explains that if you actually care for your vaginal health, you must re-think your love for those fashionable, tight gym leggings that you own. This is because such leggings don’t let vagina to breathe.

In this condition, moisture tends to accumulate in vaginal region, which can lead to infections. Chafing can also occur due to tight clothing. The best option is to wear cotton, loose-fitting, breathable clothes during your workout sessions.

5. Jumping Too Often

Indulging in activities that cause a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor can cause it to relax even more. Christine Greves, Ob/Gyn explains that if you indulge in jumping too often, you somehow increase your risk of vaginal prolapse. She explains that during a prolapse, uterus might slip farther away in the vaginal canal; thereby, leading to a bulging feeling. If this really concerns you, you can consult your Ob/Gyn to prevent vaginal prolapse while exercising.

6. Wearing Thongs While Working-out

You might love wearing thongs but if you frequently wear them while working out, you might be posing a threat to your vaginal health. Price explains that if you exercise wearing thongs, anal shedding occurs. It can spread E. coli bacteria from anus to the vagina and urethra.

Once the bacteria spreads into the urethra and vagina, vaginitis or urinary infection may occur. So, it is best to wear a comfortable underwear like the one with cotton crotches. You can, alternatively, choose going commando if your workout pants are breathable enough.


7. You Keep Wearing Your Gym Clothes Post Workouts

You might love the idea of a coffee date or lunch post your workout. But, such a move should be made only after a shower. Prince explains that wearing sweaty gym clothes for hours after workout must be avoided at any cost. Moisture in your vaginal region can lead to vaginal infections. You must shower and change your clothes, right after every workout session. Keep your vagina dry and clean to maintain your vaginal health because it is as important as your overall health.

Working out has several health benefits but remember to take care of your vaginal health also. We believe that you would pay attention to everything that might possibly adversely affect your vaginal health. Make sure to avoid these above-mentioned mistakes to have a healthy vagina.