5 Essentials of Clean Sleeping


Undeniably, clean sleeping has been the top wellness buzz in the recent times, which was actually made popular by the ravishing American actress and singer, Gwyneth Paltrow through her book “Goop: Clean Beauty.”

Very similar to clean eating, the concept of clean sleeping rests on the belief that our holistic wellbeing completely depends on bringing about several positive changes in our life to ensure a healthy and good night’s sleep.

Incidentally, achieving this is not a big deal as you only have to follow some elementary rules that may include things like forbidding the use of electronic gadgets an hour before going to bed, not taking caffeine after 2 PM, setting the time to go to bed and following the same even during weekends without fail, keeping the room cool and dark, and getting a copper pillow.

While some of these are easy to incorporate, a few may be tough; but, that depends from person to person. Nevertheless, bringing all these changes in your lifestyle would definitely help you get the “clean sleep” that will eventually ensure your overall wellbeing.


Keep reading to know what clean sleeping entails:

Reading a Book Just Before Bed Works


Though many young adults might think that watching TV or browsing through their smartphone can be an easy way to fall asleep, it is not so! If sleep experts are to be believed, electronic devices keep the brain active and restrict the secretion of neurotransmitters that induce sleep.

Conversely, you can switch off your phone and lie in the bed with your favorite book. Not only this will help you do away with social media-induced stress, but would also allow you to drowse easily. No wonder, this also ups your chances of having good dreams instead of nightmares that can ruin your sleep.

Sleeping at the Very Same Time Daily is Crucial

Many full-time employed people generally hit the sack at the same time during weekdays and get up when the clock strikes 7:00 in the morning. However, in weekends, the same people can be seen partying hard during wee hours and not coming out of their bed until late afternoon. This is exactly where, they mess with their sleep patterns.

Scientifically, irregularity in bedtime disrupts your sleep-wake cycle – controlled by the body’s circadian rhythm – which ultimately hampers your sleep patterns. Going to bed somewhere between 10 PM and 12 AM regularly will surely allow you to get up between 7 AM and 9 AM daily.

Keeping this routine in practice for a week or so may abate your dependency on an alarm clock to wake up. This is because your brain would delicately hint your body to get up at the same time every morning it has become habituated to.

No Intake of Alcohol Just Before Sleep

While alcohol might allow you to fall asleep in the first instance, it might interfere with your metabolic signals. This might cause you to get up in the middle of your sleep at night.

Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have alcohol altogether. A glass of wine at your dinner table you can still afford; but one means just one! You can have some glasses of water after that for best results.


It is, in fact, recommended that one shouldn’t consume any liquid after 8 PM or otherwise, the urge to pee may disrupt your sleep in the middle of the night. In case your day was pretty stressful, try having something natural stuffs like valerian root to relax yourself before going to bed.

Copper Pillows for that Lavish Sleep

Practically, you don’t need to purchase a copper-infused pillows for a good night’s sleep, but you can have one if you are concerned about your aging skin. The copper oxide fibers in such pillows helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. These silky-smooth pillows are also ergonomically designed to ensure beauty sleep. And, in case you are convinced with all the claimed benefits of copper pillows, you can try a copper-infused pillow mask too.

Download A Sleep App

Basically, this is for those, who count on stats for everything! When beginning with clean sleeping, many people may find it interesting as well as motivating to scientifically check their sleep quality without paying a visit to a sleep clinic.

If you are the one, then a sleep app is your key. You can download any reliable sleep app from the App Store or Google Play depending on your mobile phone. These apps make use of accelerometer within your smartphone to record your movements during sleep.

Before going to bed, you would require feeding a 30-minute duration, needed by you to wake up; for e.g., 6:30-7 AM. With this, you would be woken up by a mild vibration at the time when you are in the lightest stage of sleep. This in turn, helps you feel more relaxed than being abruptly pulled out of your REM sleep.

If you are not much concerned about the fact that your smartphone continuously keeps an eye on you while you sleep, this is completely a wonderful way to gather some genuine data on your sleep quality and performance, and unquestionably, a way better replacement of alarm clocks.

Well, now when you know the five essentials of clean sleeping, it would certainly become easier for you to get on with these measures. So, don’t wait and just start following the above-mentioned rules for that long-awaited, quality sleep.