5 Blood-Sugar Balancing Breakfasts to Keep Your Hanger Away


Do you frequently find yourself hangry soon after having a bowl of oatmeal with banana or sweetened milk latte? Have you ever thought why do you starve shortly after having a scrumptious and healthy breakfast? Read on to know why this happens and what can be done to prevent it! While you are definitely taking carbs and enough fiber through your oatmeal, you are missing out on protein and fat that could have aptly balanced your meal. Consuming a bit of protein and fat along with carbs buffers the carbohydrate breakdown; thereby, slowing down digestion, so that you don’t experience a sharp elevation and then, sudden crash in blood-sugar levels.

Fiber also slows down the digestion process and that is why foods like whole grains, berries, beans and sweet potatoes make for a much better choice than refined carbs like pastries, white bread and white potatoes.

Also, if you believe that gulping down 3 servings of fruits is going to balance out all the carbs; this is simply not going to happen! This eventually leaves you hangry and wiped out by 10 AM.

Thankfully, there are various ways by which, you can balance your blood sugar in the morning. Let’s learn what else you can consume to keep those irritating hanger pangs away.


5 Sugar-Balancing Breakfasts

Check out these easy and extremely tasty breakfast recipes to light up your mornings.

1. Eggs and Avocados Over Cooked or Raw Greens:

With this mix, you are getting enough protein, fat, complex carbs and fiber all along with powerful antioxidants. It is really amazing as you can enjoy these with cooked greens (could be leftovers too) or over raw greens as more of a breakfast salad.

2. Smoothie Bowl With the Power of Plants:

A smoothie can be totally satisfying and fulfilling. If cream or smoothie tempts you, you would love this smoothie bowl. Just remember to keep the fruits and vegetable portions in check. This smoothie bowl would give you all the goodness of potassium, B vitamins and fiber.

Add one cup water, one cup ice, one scoop pea protein powder, one-fourth avocado, three-fourth cup diced cauliflower, two cups fresh spinach, half banana and half a cup frozen berries in a blender. Mix until a smooth paste is formed. Pour in a bowl and garnish with chia seeds. Enjoy your smoothie bowl.

3. Egg and Oatmeal Mix:

Oats provide the carbohydrates required and egg provides fat, protein and other important nutrients like vitamin D and choline. Take one-third cup of rolled oats cooked in water. If you have already had enough protein from the eggs, you can avoid using nut butter. Sprinkle this mix with chia or flax seeds. You can also replace water with pea protein milk.

4. Yogurt Bowl With Berries:

Whole milk, Greek or plain low-fat yogurt are great high-protein options for breakfast. You can also sprinkle chia seeds, cinnamon and berries over your yogurt. Consider adding a dash of cocoa powder, coconut flakes and cacao nibs if you want to enhance the taste.

Just go slow with sweeteners. Instead, add a teaspoon of maple syrup, honey or jam. Alternatively, you can also have kefir as it is lactose free and has a thinner texture.

5. Vegetable Omelet:


Omelet is a powerhouse of protein, fiber and fat. You can either make it from scratch or can use leftover vegetables. Add a side of roasted potato, sweet potato toast or fruit to have complex carbs. If you don’t eat eggs, scrambled tofu or vegetables can be your alternative. Top your tofu or vegetable scramble with avocado slices.

Hopefully, you will feel fuller after consuming these nutrition-balanced and flavorful breakfast recipes. This, in turn, would help you keep all those starvation and hanger pangs at bay.