Weight gain after first pregnancy increases risk of diabetes during second pregnancy

weight gain after first pregnancy increases risk of diabetes during second pregnancy

A recent study indicated that women, who gained weight after their first pregnancy are more prone to develop diabetes during their next pregnancy.

The rise in the weight of women before conception and during pregnancy is considered as a major risk factor for gestational diabetes. In gestational diabetes, there is a rise in the blood sugar level, which could develop some complications for both the mother and baby.

A study was conducted by Linn Sorbye, University of Bergen, Norway, that investigated the risk for diabetes among women, who had been pregnant once or more.

During the research, about 24,200 women, who delivered baby during the period, 2006-2014, were investigated and their previous gestational diabetes and body mass index (BMI) was noted down. The process was also repeated for the second-time pregnancy.


The study reported that the nearly 36% women gained weight of about 1 BMI unit between the beginning of their 1st and 2nd pregnancies. These women are at a higher risk of developing diabetes than of those, who had a stable weight during their two pregnancies.

The researchers concluded that that the women, who gained weight twice of their previous weight, doubled the risk of developing diabetes. This risk increased to 5 times in the women with maximum weight gain.

According to the study, the risk is more prominent in women, who had normal weight before their first pregnancy and the women, who were overweight and lost some weight are at a lower risk of diabetes during their pregnancy.