How Do Antioxidants Help in Weight Loss

how do antioxidants help in weight loss

Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining health and preventing various diseases. They are the substances that can neutralize free radicals (chemicals in the body which are naturally formed within the body during metabolism) from the body and protect it from cellular damages.

Antioxidants do not have a direct and powerful effect on weight loss but the consumption of foods which contain antioxidants helps in losing weight and maintaining a fit and slim body.

Our body produces only two antioxidants on its own and rest are derived from the food we eat. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, zinc, carotenoids and flavonoids are some very important antioxidants. Foods such as apples, oranges, kiwi, broccoli, cherries, kale, cheese, milk, eggs and nuts are all full of antioxidants.

If you cannot get many antioxidants from food, you can switch to antioxidant supplements but after consulting your doctor as a high dosage of these supplements can have adverse effects on health as well.


How do antioxidants work in weight loss?

Fat cells in the body contain antioxidants. If the body is not being able to produce antioxidants and your intake of antioxidants is also not enough, then you are holding some extra fat. It prevents the body from being encountered with those toxic effects in fat accumulation. This slows down the metabolism process and you remain slim even if you are eating more food.

Foods rich in antioxidants for weight loss:

1. Grapes


Only 100 grams of grapes contains 67 calories. They contain enough quantity of water and fiber which can easily satisfy the food craving. They have an antioxidant named as ‘resveratrol’ which breaks down the fat as well as prevents heart disease.

2. Nuts


Nuts are known to be a healthy fat diet full of proteins and fibers and low in carbohydrates. Highest antioxidants are present in walnut and pistachios. They can be a contributor to good-fat diets. It maintains BMI level and can be used in weight management.

3. Broccoli


It has an abundance of Vitamin K and Vitamin C. One cup of broccoli contains 30 calories and when cooked increases up to 54 calories. It is full of fiber which maintains body weight. It also contains antioxidants such as sulforaphane and kaempferol which prevents obesity and maintains BMI level.

4. Spinach


It is a superfood and has very few calories. It is full of antioxidants such as quercetin and kaempferol and fiber. It works wonders when it comes to weight loss. It also works against high oxidative stress due to obesity and high cholesterol levels.

5. Green Tea

green tea

It contains many bioactive substances caffeine being the most dominant of them. Caffeine is beneficial for weight loss as it promotes lipid oxidation.

6. Coffee


It contains an antioxidant called Chlorogenic acid which has fat burning property. It is found in large amounts in roasted coffee. It greatly helps in weight loss.



7. Honey


It has antioxidant properties and many other health benefits as well. It is very beneficial for weight loss. It also maintains cardio activities.

8. Fish


Fresh fish is abundant in proteins and Vitamin D and believed to be the healthiest food to mankind. Fish has healthy omega fatty acids which are good for us and it is a lean protein so very helpful in weight loss.

9. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

It is made up of cocoa. Dark chocolate contains polyphenol which is an excellent antioxidant.

10. Turmeric


It has an antioxidant known as curcumin which helps in maintaining fat. One can experience fat loss and BMI level balance after taking it.

According to the theories, weight loss can only be achieved by consuming fewer calories and exercise to burn more calories than your consumption. In the process of weight loss, one should have food that can fill up just by consuming a few calories, the foods which are rich in fiber. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that high fiber food makes you feel fuller compared to high-calorie food.