Why Counting Macros Is Crucial for Weight Loss?

why counting macros is crucial for weight loss

Have you gained weight in excess and are looking for a weight loss diet plan? There are different diet plans that are based on either calorie-controlled, balanced diets, low-fat diets or low-carbohydrate diets. You need to start counting macros for weight loss

Among all those diet plans, the IIFIYM, which stands for If It Fits Your Macros, diet has lately gained a lot of popularity as it is known to help many to shed those extra pounds. Before following this diet plan, you must first understand what are macros? Dr. Salber, a certified emergency physician, says that macros stand for macronutrients or wide categories of food types. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the three chief macronutrients that are consumed by us to provide our body the energy it needs to function properly.

Further, Salber explains that sucrose is instantly broken into smaller components, including fructose and glucose. This leads to a rapid surge in the blood glucose levels, followed by an instant decline in the levels of blood glucose. This may result in hunger sensations soon. On the other hand, split peas are rich in fiber, which is a carbohydrate that the body is unable break down to smaller components. As a result, after ingestion, it stays in the gut and adds bulk to the stool, so that it passes easily.

For some people, counting macros is quite tiresome; especially, foods like walnuts that are made up of more than one macronutrients. Dr. Salber says that walnuts consist of calories in the form of fat, which includes Omega-3 fatty acids. It is quite complicated to calculate macros in junk foods, processed food, or the stew prepared at home.


Are you Aware of IIFIYM Lifestyle?

Whatever food you consume throughout the day, it has a specific range of macro count, which shouldn’t be ignored. Each person has a different range, which varies on the basis of age, gender, physical activity and weight-loss goals.

This can be monitored with the help of the IIFIYM calculator that keep track of exactly how much fats, proteins and carbohydrates are eaten in a day. It is the best way to keep a check on the number of calories.

Which Is the Right Method to Count Macros?

According to Dr. Salber, it is essential to count calories every day. Once you know the amount of calories you need daily, figure out the calories you can consume through every single macro. For instance, a 30-year-old lady looking to reduce some serious weight must focus on 1557 calories in a day. To achieve this, she must consume 115 grams of protein, 144 grams of carbohydrates, 58 grams of fat and 21 grams of fiber daily. In addition to this, some fitness applications can be helpful in keeping a regular check on the body weight.

What is the Role of Macros in Weight Management?

IIFIYM diet plan has nothing new, weight watchers have been following it for years. Dr. Salber recommends that the diet has nothing new, which gives you the flexibility to select various foods from multiple categories. Hence, people, who can reduce their calorie intake can conveniently reduce weight. However, it may have some effect on their overall health as it is directly related to the quality of food they consume.

The IIFIYM site motivates its followers to continue eating the food they like. Some people might prefer processed food with chemical ingredients and bad fats, which have fewer minerals and vitamins. In the long run, this can leave a negative impact on their health and give rise to conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disorders. Dr. Salber explains that junk food in place of a balanced diet can give you taste, but not a healthy body.

Why is IIFIYM Diet so Popular?

This diet plan seems to be exciting as according to this, you can eat the food that you have been already eating for fat loss. The diet has no restrictions and suffering, and you can enjoy what you love to eat. It is suggested that your choice of food must be good. For all these reasons, everybody likes to follow this diet plan.

What are the Important Things to Consider While Counting Macros?

While classifying food by macros, one notices that some foods help in managing weight. According to a recent study, intake of walnuts is linked to brain activity that helps reduce food craving to some extent. She points out that there are some fiber-rich foods that are advantageous to the gut microbiome and also control factors related to weight management. Also, several foods contain micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. These leave an impact on our physiology, depending on the way they are eaten. This is the reason why nutritionists advise that minerals and vitamins must be taken via foods and not in the form of supplements.

How Effective Is Counting Macros?

There has been a lot of research about numerous diet plans for weight loss, but nothing evidently proved how fruitful macros are. While the Internet is cluttered with countless testimonials in support of this diet plan, there are no scientific data to establish the fact. On the other hand, DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet are hugely backed by research for its positive impact on cardiovascular health.

Nevertheless, we should always remember that there is no magic wand for weight loss. And, counting macros and calories is of no use until you have the right kind of food. So, what matters is your food choice as it leaves an impact on your energy levels, digestion, sleep, neurotransmitter signaling and so on.

how effective is counting macros

No doubt, this diet plan is quite appealing, but it needs a lot of commitment. In case you hate counting calories every time, it is advised that fill one-quarter of your plate with protein, another quarter with starchy vegetables or whole grains, and the rest with non-starchy vegetables that are considered as carbs at the time of macro counting.

Are you still hungry? If yes, binge more on vegetables and whole grains. This will ensure that you get sufficient protein in every meal. With this, you can achieve your weight loss goals.