Handling Various Chronic Conditions like Hypertension and Diabetes

Handling Various Chronic Conditions like Hypertension and Diabetes

Sadhguru explains that chronic ailments such as hypertension and diabetes, represent internal problems within our bodies. These health conditions signify a severe imbalance or misalignment in our bodies. There are two kinds of diseases- chronic and infectious. Infectious diseases occur when an external agent invades our system and we need to take medications to inhibit it. While chronic diseases occur when there is a problem within our system. The chronic diseases are being created in our own bodies. Every cell in our bodies is programmed to keep us healthy. So, what causes it to develop illness? Something within the body has gone significantly off-balance or there is deep misunderstanding such that it is causing illness instead of creating health. This shows that there is misunderstanding on the molecular or cellular level.

Sadhguru says that these misunderstandings can be altered by activating our inner energies, bringing about a balance in our system and accessing the dimension of our real self that is the actual maker of our bodies. When the maker of our bodies is within ourselves, why should we go to the local mechanic or the manufacturer for any repair in our body? He suggests that because the problem initiated within the body, one must find the cure from within. This inner engineering is about finding an access to deepest levels of competence and intelligence within ourselves. We have the potential to repair our bodies ourselves. When you eat a piece of bread, it is converted into energy and several components of your body. This is the dimension of competence and intelligence and if you have access to this, you will not have to worry about your health anymore.

Finding access to these require several steps? The simplest step towards this is to become open to all the possibilities. Thinking that your every problem has an external cause and an external solution is a total waste. Chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiac ailments, hypertension, allergies, asthma, obesity, eating disorders and many other are all generated from within. All these chronic ailments can be stopped if we can pay attention to the innermost dimension of ourselves. To sum it up, Sadhguru says that inner engineering is a powerful process of approaching dimensions of our real self and it can be a scientific approach towards creating a healthier and longer life.

You can watch Sadhguru giving this piece of advice here in this video.