Why You Should Never Dry the Face Using Towel


You just came back home after a long, tiring day of work. Now, it is obviously the time to remove your makeup and wash your face with a mild cleanser since you are very well into your daily skincare routine.

So, what next? Certainly, once you are done washing your face, you will instinctively pat it dry using a towel. That’s it, right?! Well, it might appear normal drying your face with a towel, but in reality, it is doing more harm than good if latest skincare experts are to be believed.

Skin care experts warns that drying your face with a towel is not just detrimental to your skin, but doesn’t let your skincare products to work up to their maximum efficacy. Experts reveal that it is quite normal and natural to dry your face using a towel, but one thing should be kept in mind that skincare products work best when they are applied onto a damp skin (not completely wet), and not on a dry skin.

You have spent lots of dollars on those expensive antiaging creams, so you would certainly want them to work at their best. It is therefore advised to slather all your antiaging products before your skin dries out completely, according to beauty expert, Jocelyn Petroni. If you are rather slow, you can apply a few drops of toner to re-hydrate your skin.


Additionally, if you are drying your face using a towel, bacteria from the towel might get transferred to your skin. This would make all your cleansers and makeup brush cleansing useless and vain. Also, this can put you at a risk of getting acne.

How To Best Wipe Out Your Face?

Experts suggests that you must gently dab your face to remove excess water, exactly like most Korean women do. Wrap your hands around your cheeks, moving up all along your jawline. Then, shake off the water droplets from your hand. Repeat dabbing your face with your hands while shaking off extra water.

Meanwhile, you can also massage your neck in the upward direction to get rid of excess water. This would remove extra water from your face while leaving your face look plumper and hydrated. Over this slightly damp skin, you can begin with your skincare routine and apply creams. Needless to say, wiping out your face by gently massaging will boost the blood circulation in the facial skin, and delay the appearance of aging signs in the long run.

So, now when you know the best way to dry your face, it’s time to dump that towel and begin using the hands instead.