7 Effective Ways To Reduce Work Stress


Most of us face work-related stress almost on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the number of people experiencing work stress have increased drastically in the recent years. Other commonly reported issues are less salaries, lack of social support and unrealistic performance goals set by the employers. When left uncontrolled and unchecked, this stress can lead to various other health complications.

Chronic stress can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s. In fact, short-term stress can also lead to insomnia, reduced focus, difficulties in communicating effectively and headaches.

It is therefore crucial to take care of your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. While it would be difficult for us to take care of ourselves when we are already overburdened, there are still several ways that can help us overcome workplace-related stress.

Let’s learn how to effectively manage the ever-increasing work stress with these 7 wonderful tips.


1. Keep That Phone, Literally, Out of Your Sight

You might be not exactly working on your phone, but the very fact is that it is in your sight, and can hinder your concentration. Additionally, people trust each other less when they have their phones along in the meetings. Keep that phone away from your sight like in a drawer.

2. Take Small Breaks

The best time to take a small break from work is mid-morning. People, who take breaks during mid-morning hours are more relaxed and emotionally strong than those, who take a break much later in a day. It is also advised to indulge in tasks that you enjoy rather than spending your time gazing at the screen.

3. Restrict Multitasking

Multitasking increases brain exhaustion and mental stress. Moreover, it decreases mental productivity. Eliminate all the unnecessary tasks and focus on just one thing at a time. For optimum brain health, you should limit your information intake.

4. Interact Socially With Your Colleagues

You must talk and interact with your colleagues as this can significantly reduce your work stress. Spending little quality time with your colleagues would eventually enhance your productivity. Take that coffee break while indulging in alight conversation with your colleagues.

5. Help Those In Need

Helping others might make you feel relaxed, almost instantly. Pick up someone’s lunch, bring them a coffee or offer a helping hand to your colleagues. This might make you feel both happy and relaxed. Gradually, you find it easier to cope with work-related stress. This also increases endorphin secretion.

6. Practice Mindfulness

You can really enhance your productivity and reduce stress by practicing mindfulness. By being more aware of whatever is taking place around, you can become more mindful and change the way you react to stress. You can feel relaxed by practicing mindfulness meditation. It is time to start meditating for a few minutes each day.


7. Go Unavailable After Work

According to a study, people, who believe that they need to be professionally available after work hours are more stressed due to increased levels of stress hormone, cortisol.[1] For certain unavoidable tasks and projects, you might choose to be available after work, but for most of the days, it is important to unwind and relax after work.

So, we believe these 7 ways would make it easier for you to cope with the debilitating occupational stress and would help you remain calm and relaxed.