Stop Your Hair Loss With These 7 Effective Vitamins and Supplements

Stop Your Hair Loss With These 7 Effective Vitamins and Supplements

The untimely premature hair loss can be exasperating but fortunately it is treatable. There are many ways like adding the best vitamins to your hair care routine for hair loss. Your main focus should be eating foods rich in nutrients as important source of vitamins, but if you are not able to get ample nutrients, you should consider adding supplements.

There are a number of vitamins available for getting fast relief from hair loss and so we spoke to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a known dermatologist, regarding which are the most effective options. She suggests that while choosing a product, you should look out for amino acids, supplements rich in protein particularly an ingredient known as L-Cysteine as it helps in producing essential component of hair structure, keratin. Biotin and antioxidants like vitamin E and C are also important. If you have been reading our posts, you know by now that free radicals may cause damage to the hair follicles and scalp, and these antioxidants will fight off the free radicals. Dr. Jaliman added that iron and vitamin B12 are important as far as growth of hair is concerned.

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To help you sail through the world of dietary supplements which can be confusing, we have put together a list of proven and effective vitamins for hair and skin based on the recommendations of Dr. Jaliman. Get one from the top picks and work magic for your skin and hair.


Note that there are many reasons for hair loss and although vitamins can be helpful, you must check with your doctor before incorporating a supplement in your diet.

1. Multivitamins for hair loss: Dr. Jaliman says that the clinically tested multivitamin supplements do not have any drug and is made from natural botanicals with a special blend of collagen, vitamins, resveratrol which fight hair loss and promote the health of the hair. It consists of components that many other supplements do not have and can even be used as a measure for prevention.

2. Vegan supplement loaded with antioxidants that helps in formation of collagen: A plant-based collagen builder is very effective, particularly if you are a vegan and take non-GMO supplements. So the combination of antioxidants that fight free radicals, vitamins C, E, A, and biotin gives the body the nutrients it needs for healthy hair. Moreover, the natural extracts like green tea and turmeric present in these supplements fight inflammation.

3. Advanced collagen formula having hyaluronic acid: The amino acids present in collagen make your body function better. More the collagen, healthier the hair. Choose collagen supplement which is non- GMO and gluten free. The three different types of collagen that are present in these supplements in quantities as much as 1,000 milligrams along with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid help improve the health of the scalp.

4. L-Cysteine protein supplement for boosting growth of hair: Dr. Jaliman comments that L-Cysteine is an important amino acid for growth of the hair. So, choose a product that maintains the structure of proteins in the body.

5. Vitamin B12 supplement that promotes the growth of the hair: It is basically the energy vitamin. It converts the food you eat to energy and so plays an important role in hair growth. B12 is mostly found in animal products like fish and meat so a supplement having 1,000 micrograms in each gel works wonders for vegans and vegetarians. When B12 is not there in sufficient amounts, hair growth will slow down or stop completely.

6. Biotin supplement for healthy skin, hair and nails: Dr. Jaliman says that biotin [1] is important for production of energy and improves the health of the hair. Have a gel which has about 10,000 micrograms of biotin, which is a type of vitamin B supporting metabolism of energy and provides benefits related to hair, skin and nails.

7. Iron supplement strengthening hair and good for sensitive stomachs: If your stomach is sensitive and you do not well-tolerate the supplements, you should go for iron supplements [2]. Dr. Jaliman says that low levels of iron can result in unwanted changes in structure of hair like shedding, thinning, etc. A targeted non-GMO formula having folic acid and vitamins B6, B12 and C, will strengthen your hair follicles.