Quick Tips to Heighten Your Intuition by Deepak Chopra

Quick Tips to Heighten Your Intuition by Deepak Chopra

What do we understand by intuition? You may take it as a supernatural force or simply the outcome of what and how your brain analyzes situations and things around at the subconscious level. Either way, trusting your inner voice or the so-called gut-feeling is unarguably a good thing. The intuitive power has been residing in all of us from the time we came into this world. But, as we age, we begin focusing more on what society wants us to listen or do, and start ignoring our inner voice.

Intuition is there to protect and guide us and even to help us grow. We all know that our organs are functional because they are constantly in use  muscles for movement and eyes for seeing. So, when we stop using our intuitive ability, we gradually begin to lose it.

In this article, Deepak Chopra talks about five different ways to develop and strengthen intuition.


It is the key for almost everything in the life, and for this reason, it is advised so often. Meditation relaxes and calms our body as well as our mind.[1] It has shown excellent effects in improving mental stability and overall wellness.


There are four mental states, namely beta, alpha, theta and delta. Out of these four, the alpha state is associated with activities like learning, involving in interactions, memorizing along with reading the thoughts and connecting with your own emotions as well as that of others.

Meditation is practiced to manage the alpha state; thus, helping you control your intuitive abilities. Research suggests that meditation can bring you closer to success.

Boost Your Pineal Gland

Also known as ‘the third eye’ or ‘seat of the soul,’ pineal gland is a pea-size, endocrine gland between the two hemispheres of the brain. Pineal gland produces melatonin hormone, which regulates the sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.[2] Pineal gland also facilitate the brain to get into the meditation state through the alpha state. Deepak Chopra suggests two steps to ensure the health of pineal gland.

A) Prevent Fluoride Deposition: Accumulation of fluoride on pineal gland lowers its ability to function effectively. Fluoride build-up leads to the formation of insoluble crystals, which either reduces or completely suppresses the intuitive function of pineal gland.

We get fluoride into our bloodstream by various sources. For instance, fluoride in toothpaste gets absorbed through gums. Likewise, tiny open pores on your skin which absorbs fluoride from water we use for our day-to-day activities. Once fluoride gets into the bloodstream, it reaches on to pineal gland and forms the deposit.

B) Balancing the Chakra: The third eye chakra, also called Ajna is the region, which is important to focus on elevated intuitive abilities. Regular meditation or practicing yoga can help you regulate the balance in this region. Deepak Chopra suggests a few things to help you tune the balance of third eye chakra:

1) Making use of indigo colored things around you, both on in the office and home.

2) Wearing or simply carrying healing crystal, such as amethyst.

3) Attentively focusing on the area between your eyebrows, where the third eye chakra rests.

Balancing the Chakra

Make It Interesting, Just Like A Game

In this context, Deepak Chopra advises to think about not-so-important objects, situations and even color. He then suggests to visualize them in your mind and analyze how the intuition guides you across various situations. If possible, note down all these in a journal. Access those situations or objects, for you have answered quicker than others.

See how often a specific thought crosses your mind and is there any relation between two or more things. If yes, note down the common things as well as the differences. Also jot down how frequently you get answers through your intuitive ability. This will help you assess what your intuition is trying to signal you.


Keeping your goals simple in the first place will help you get the results more quick and clear to analyze. And, gradually practicing this will strengthen your intuitive awareness.

Purposely manifesting will help you balance or manage your intuition. Intuition will guide you through the ways better and safe for you. Besides, practicing the exercises to strengthen pineal gland in a fun-filling way will add the much-needed excitement and keep you on track to achieve enhanced intuitive ability.

Focus on The Present

The intuitive power works best in the current situation or scenario. It will not work efficiently if your mind is stuck in the past or thinking about the future constantly.

A quote by Lao Tzu fits right here, which goes like “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

When your mind is occupied either by the pain from the past or the fear for the future, doesn’t matter how well your intuition is working or strongly trying to tell you something, your mind will not be able to hear or notice it clearly. This is because the thoughts if pain or fear overrides the signals from the intuitive process. Hence, Deepak Chopra suggests you freeing your mind from such negative thoughts and focusing on the present.

Communicate with Your Higher Self

Intuition is your inner self, waiting for you to reconnect to the Universe, the creator, or your soul to guide you through. It is important that we humans redevelop that lost connection with the universe.

But, choosing the right words or language while talking to your higher self is important, because your words will signal your subconscious towards what you want. For example, instead of saying, “I feel sick always,” rephrase your thought to “I love being healthy.” Deepak Chopra suggests that focusing on the positive aspects of anything is crucial to enlighten your intuition awareness, instead of griping about situations or unwanted results.

Deepak Chopra says that once our intuition is heightened, it works like our personal GPS, which we can access anytime. He adds that by reconnecting to your higher self and choosing your words rightly will definitely bring success to you.

Intuition is the psychic ability to analyze and understand something based on your instincts your inner voice. Deepak Chopra discusses about the methods to imply to awaken your intuition. Involving in activities like meditation, yoga, journaling your thoughts, goals and fears, and self-evaluation will help you achieve the ultimate goal of overall wellness. However, the aforementioned methods require some patience and perseverance to show the positive effects. But, with time, you will certainly attain a much more heightened intuitive ability.