Meditation and Success: Are They Related?

Meditation and Success Are They Related

Meditation refers to the practice of focusing the mind on a certain thought, activity, or thing. People meditate to manage stress, improve their concentration, and promote a healthy well-being. For many people it is a lifestyle choice to improve their health. While for some people it is a spiritual choice to reach a higher state of consciousness.

Generally, people give up on meditation as a lifestyle choice. But, those who set a goal to reach a certain state of consciousness keep meditating for years. Their goal might be unclear to the world, but it keeps them motivated and they continue meditating. But, people who just do it for the sake of their well-being certainly give up on it. This is because they are only doing it for feeling better and discontinue with it once they achieve their goal. So, how can a person meditate for a longer time while not giving up on it?

Deepak Chopra gives a solution for this. He says that if you want to set your focus on meditation, you need to make it the centerpiece of your overall well-being. Adopt it, but not for the sake of any kind of motivation to do it, but because it can help you fulfill your desire. Desire is the most powerful feeling that can help in achieving many things and can even help you meditate. However, most people don’t consider meditation as important as food, money, shelter, companionship, and sex. But, Deepak says meditation is linked to success and can fulfill your desire for success.

However, the connection between meditation and success is a little bit complicated. People do meditation either to promote health and well-being or to achieve a higher state of consciousness. In both the cases, they focus on a goal that is quite different from worldly success. Also, if you list the traits of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and millionaires, you’ll see that none of them has their success determined by meditation. But, also the other attributes of success, i.e., ambition and competitiveness aren’t complete reality too.


So, can we relate meditation with success? Well, yes! Deepak Chopra linked various attributes of successful people with the benefits of meditation, these are:

  • The art of making good decisions
  • Ability to concentrate and focus on things
  • Strong sense of self
  • Not being affected by the approval or disapproval of someone
  • Courageous
  • Staying energetic for long working hours
  • Emotional strength to recover from failures and setbacks
  • Instinct of predicting and evaluating a situation before it happens
  • Staying calm during crises
  • Innovative ideas and solutions
  • Ability to cope up with highly stressful situations

These traits can be linked to success and can help a person achieve it in their life. Also, meditation can help in strengthening all these skills and can possibly be helpful for achieving success.