Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse – How Effective and Safe It Is!

Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse – How Effective and Safe It Is!

Normally, people carry around 5 pounds of waste in their colon. If someone goes for a colon cleanse that weight will be shed, and they will be able to lose those extra kilos. It is obvious that weight loss will not be permanent as the process of eating and digesting food as well as eliminating waste from the body will continue.

Advocates of colon cleanse feel that a host of health problems may be caused due to bad colon health. It is claimed by its proponents that when a person eats unhealthy foods, toxins and fats get stuck on the walls of the intestine, which lead to weight gain and bad health. When one consumes foods containing preservatives, artificial dyes, sweeteners and additives; toxins accumulate in the colon. The idea behind a colon cleanse is to remove toxic chemicals and excrete waste, which can help a person lose weight.

2. Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse – How Effective and Safe It Is!

Sometimes people eat less, but still they weigh more. One of the reasons behind this is that we carry weight in our colon because of the presence of waste on the colon walls that does not get flushed out. When the colon is cleansed, it makes you feel light. If the colon is clean and healthy, digestion is also better, and the nutrients get easily absorbed from the food. This will make you feel less hungry.


Colon cleansing can be a tool for weight loss. It is basically a detoxification process. Colon helps absorb water, salt and nutrients. Foods with low fiber and more fat content get transported slowly via the colon. This leads to the formation of excessive mucus. Toxic waste does not get flushed out and sticks on the walls of the colon. This brings some extra pounds to your body weight.

Colon cleanse removes harmful waste by enhancing bowel movement. There are colon cleansing liquids and powders that can be consumed with light-warm water. Enema – a procedure to expel the content of rectum by the introduction of some liquid or gas into the same – can be opted, but should be administered by a trained professional only.

Colon cleansers increase the content of fluid in the colon to soften the toxic waste for its easy elimination from the body. Generally, colon cleansers contain polyethylene glycol, sulfate and sodium.

Besides, a colon cleanse involves diet modification and using an herbal supplement. Mostly, cleansing plans are for 10 days. When a person is on colon cleanse, he must avoid all junk and processed foods and should eat fruits and vegetables. Psyllium husk or bentonite clay helps in moving waste through the colon; thereby, increasing bowel movements frequency.

3. Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse – How Effective and Safe It Is!

People, who practice colon cleanse, lose weight as they clear waste products from the intestines. While you are on colon cleanse, you may have to increase your number of visits to the washroom. There will be five or six bowel movements in a day. Frequent movements of bowel will help in getting rid of the waste products that have accumulated in the digestive tract.

It is believed that colon cleanse helps in the removal of toxins that may cause allergies and even cancer. When the body processes foods that are difficult to digest, colon gets covered with mucoid plaque. A colon cleanse will help do away with the plaque. This helps improve digestion, and absorption of nutrients from the food.

Nevertheless, there are several risks associated with colon cleansing. You may put your health at risk when you undergo deep colon cleanse. Serious complications like bowel tears from supplements, dehydration due to fasting, infections from enema can occur. People with kidney diseases or heart ailments should completely refrain from undergoing colon cleanse.

Before going for a deep colon cleanse, hydrate yourself regularly. Reconsider the supplements. Talk to your doctor about any health condition that may restrict you to go for colon cleansing. If you are on fast, consume light meals and juice. Drink lots of water. This will help you detoxify effectively and associated problems can be warded off.

With colon cleansing, you can lose from two to six pounds. It depends on the amount or volume of the waste present in the colon. Do not get obsessed with colon cleansing for shedding a few pounds as it may be harmful in the lung run.

What is important is that you must eat healthy, stay hydrated, get enough sleep and exercise often. You can naturally cleanse your colon with lemon and honey, aloe vera, fiber-rich foods and fruits, ginger and apple juice, papaya and mint, and vegetable juice.