Cryotherapy as a Weight Loss Therapy

cryotherapy as a weight loss therapy

Cryotherapy has been used by many celebrities worldwide for boosting metabolism, improving blood circulation, loosening the muscles and to relieve body and joint pains. This therapy was first used in Japan to treat arthritis. It also helps in improving appearance, slowing the aging process, and burning calories.

The process involves entering a chamber with only intimate parts covered. There is a sudden drop in temperature due to release of liquid nitrogen. The skin sends signals to the brain to protect the vital organs of the body by releasing blood towards them. After exiting the chamber, the blood is sent back around the body, removing toxins and increasing oxygen level. The cold sensations also help in release of endorphins that induce pleasure and relieve pain.

Cryotherapy has been used for its claimed anti-aging properties. There are no scientific evidences to support its several properties, but it is still widely used for its effectiveness in weight loss. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has still not approved whole-body cryotherapy as a medical treatment.

Brian Quebbemann, MD, Director of The N.E.W. Program Medical stated that there are not enough scientific evidences that its effects would be long-lasting. According to a study published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, six months of cryotherapy didn’t lead to any change in body fat or body mass, even when done along with moderate aerobics.


Dr. Steven Levine, plastic surgeon explains that cryotherapy does have anti-inflammatory benefits. Had it been as effective to burn 800 calories in mere three minutes, it would have been more popular and more expensive than it presently is. However, it is advised to have it under medical supervision as a young woman died from asphyxia because she didn’t have anybody to supervise her during the process.