Women more likely to die from heart attack as compared to men

women more likely to die from heart attack as compared to men

According to a new study, women have a greater likelihood of dying in the first year after having a heart attack when compared with men. This higher susceptibility in women can be attributed to their age during the attack, co-morbid conditions and kind of treatment they undergo.

This study was published in the journal, PLOS One. Researchers studied around 800 men and 800 women of the same age in two groups. Both the groups were matched for their smoking status, hypertension, diabetes and measures of heart function.

The study was conducted over a duration of five years. In the first year, women were 60% more likely to die as compared to men. The death rate of men and women after the first year of attack did not differ significantly.

The exact reason may not be known, but it has been cited by researchers that women are more prone to depression and psychological stress that may explain their case.


According to Dr. Georg Schmidt, female patients should be followed more closely. Their concerns must be heard, and they must be supported beyond drugs and other treatments.


Source: nytimes.com