Hormones – The Secret to Healthy Metabolism

Hormones – The Secret to Healthy Metabolism

It is important to exercise and keep a check on your calories but understanding one’s very own metabolism is even more important. Here, Jillian Michaels says that during all these years, what she has found that healthy metabolism can bring positive changes in your life. Well, that doesn’t mean just getting slim but adding more quality years to your life.

According to Jillian Michaels, fad diet is now an obsolete concept, for which, people in the 80s and 90s were once crazy about. She says that fad diet is based on the outdated concepts of science, which was then largely hyped by the prevailing pop culture of that era.

She further says that hormones are the key to keeping one’s body healthy and fit in a natural way. She asserts that correctly understanding the metabolism is important as this would help you better understand the crucial functions of hormones. While for many of us metabolism is nothing, but the way the calories are burnt in the body. However, it is more than that; it is our biochemistry, which is governed by several chemical messengers, known as hormones.

Whether it is about the feeling of being full or hungry, or what the body will do with the consumed food – to be stored or burnt – everything is governed by the hormones. Moreover, it is the hormones that direct the body how to transport and utilize the energy reserves. In a nutshell, hormones manage all the facets of how you gain weight or lose the same.


Sadly, the bitter truth is that we are continuously making efforts to undermine the effects of hormones and impair our metabolism. But, how? Well, this should not come to you as a surprise! The toxin-laden, nutrition deficient and stress-inducing foods that we eat regularly is doing no good, but only disrupting our endocrine system, eventually leading to hormonal imbalances. This makes us more susceptible to conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart ailments.

Jillian finally suggests that it’s high time to replace such endocrine disruptors with hormone-friendly foods that can make us fit, healthy and stress free.