Know How to Curb Your Appetite – Tips by Jillian Michaels

Know How to Curb Your Appetite – Tips by Jillian Michaels

Maintaining weight seems to be bit harder than losing it. It is more of a calculation that takes into account the calories in and the calories out. Think about the times when your stomach growls for food and you are literally surrounded by fattening and unhealthy foods – that donut shop on your way back home, chocolate cookies in your office cafeteria and junk food vending machine inside a movie theater – all these might persuade you to give in to that irresistible temptation and seemingly never-ending hunger.

Jillian Michaels shares a few tips to curb your appetite when you are hungry and just about to pick up just another calorie-dense food.

Tips to Curb Your Appetite

Here are some foolproof ways to curb your appetite when you feel like giving in to your cravings and temptations. Follow these tips to keep a check on your calories in:

1. Fill Up on Fiber and Protein: Both fiber and protein would make you feel fuller for long. Jillian Michaels explains that this the very reason why a vegetable omelet keeps you full until lunch, unlike carbohydrate-loaded bagel. For maximizing the benefits, you can consume around 30% of your daily calorie intake in the form of protein. Add a couple of fiber-rich foods to your diet, such as peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils as salads, soups and sandwiches to keep you full for a longer duration.


2. Avoid Skipping Your Meals or Gulping Too Much Throughout the Day: At times, we skip meals for a calorie deficit, but this only leads to overeating and gaining excess pounds. Jillian explains that this is because skipping meals can cause a dip in blood sugar level, which inadvertently leads to overeating all day long. Grazing throughout the day also makes you overeat and you eventually lose the calorie count.

The best way to go about is to consume three reasonable nutritious meals and one snack that is loaded with proteins, healthy fats and carbs, in a day. And, here is another great tip: never go more than four hours without food. This is the best way to keep you blood sugar level and hunger hormones in check.

3. Stay Hydrated All Day Long: You must be aware that dehydration might make you feel hungry. This is, in part, because dehydration makes you feel a bit lethargic and weak, which fools you into thinking that your blood sugar level is low. So, whenever you feel hungry, just pour yourself a glass of water. Water also creates a sense of fullness. You can also drink water to prevent yourself from eating that second serving of your favorite dish. And, if you aren’t too much fond of plain water, you can try soda water and add mint, lemon or lime into it. Jillian is confident that your body will definitely thank you for this soothing treat.

4. Eat Mindfully Not Mindlessly: Most of us eat when we get bored, feel sad or depressed, or just like that. According to Jillian, this habit is just taking you towards an unhealthier version of you. If you are already consuming three regular meals a day along with a snack, and still not able to control emotional eating, you are not taking the cues your body is trying to give you. So, next time, if you feel like eating, try remembering when you ate last, and whether this genuine hunger or just out of emotional turmoil. If that hunger is more out of some emotional stressors, Jillian advises to indulge in something distracting.

5. Find New Stress Relievers: If you observe yourself indulging in mindless or emotional eating quite often, you must try to find new ways to distract yourself towards something that certainly doesn’t involve food. You can call or see your friend or relative to find an emotional support; in case you need it. You can also go explore your city or new places that you haven’t seen before. Similarly, you can curl up with a good book, get a reviving massage or try any other recreational activity as this would surely help you get rid of those unnecessary cravings and release of endorphins (appetite-regulating hormone) to make you feel better.

Jillian concludes that though it is a bit difficult to curb appetite, but it is clearly not impossible. She believes that following these tips can help you curb your appetite and re-energize you without succumbing to those malevolent temptations and cravings.