How to Create a Body Building Routine the Right Way

how to create a body building routine the right way

Working out with consistency is important to achieve body-building goals! And, to maintain the consistency, you would just require a right plan. Creating a workout plan not only helps you keep yourself organized and fit, but also allows you to achieve your target more efficiently yet conveniently. So, just like other daily activities, workout should be a planned one.

Nevertheless, bodybuilding itself brings a lot of advantages to you, such as increased fitness level and physical efficiency along with overall mental and physical wellbeing. Most people get confused about what routine to follow when it comes to bodybuilding. There are a lot of options that people can choose from; according to their need and suitability. Now, the question arises that which plan would work best for you! If you are little confused about where to begin, below are some guidelines that might help you in establishing a daily body-building routine:



  • Being mentally ready than being physically prepared is more important before hitting the gym. Investing in a gym can motivate you to stick to your fitness regimen. A good gym provides you a great set-up for muscle building with its advanced machines, equipment and free weights. So, always pick the right place for workouts. 
  • You should have a set program in your head when you enter the gym; whether it is biceps bulking, six packs blasting or short full-body blitz. There is no point in picking the exercises at random. It is needed to set yourself up and prevent yourself from injuries.
  • You need to lift heavy weights on a daily basis as instructed by the trainer. Body weight exercise also helps you to lose weight and keep the muscles fit.
  • It is important to schedule the exercise program for better results. Weight training should be done three to four days a week coupled with cardio.

Diet Plan

diet plan

  • Only weight lifting would not serve the purpose of muscle building. One should make a balance in weightlifting and proper diet.
  • A person, who is exercising, needs 1.5 to 2 gm of protein per kg of his/her body weight to build muscles.
  • In order to maintain the muscles, you need to burn extra calories. This would increase our basal metabolic rate (BMR) level. Increase in BMR helps in fat loss, which in turn, is good for muscle building.
  • Add carbs to your daily diet. Intake of carbohydrate is good in the morning and post workout.
  • Fat is very necessary for people engaged in muscle building. It gives energy in emergency situations when glucose level dips. The body stores fats as a source of energy for that time. You can get fat from peanuts, olive, fish, sunflower, etc.
  • Water is an essential component of our body. One should always hydrate himself after the exercise. Water provides lubrication in the joints. Healthy joints and keeping oneself hydrated during strenuous workouts are very important for a bodybuilder.

Rest and Recovery

 rest and recovery

This is the most neglected aspect of bodybuilding. You train yourself hard in the gym, give proper nutrients to your body as well, but forget to give rest to your body. If you will not give recovery time to your body after the gym, then your body will not effectively utilize the nutrients you are taking to build up the muscles. After a rigorous workout session, you get tired, and so, you take rest. Now, this is the time when your body starts repairing muscle damages sustained during strenuous physical activities. Also, one should sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day for better results.


It is essential to maintain your body weight by balancing your exercise and what you eat. Muscles would get stronger and bigger with regular exercise only by consuming a nutritious diet and allowing your muscles to recover damages with proper rest. It is recommended to take a doctor’s or trainer’s advice before making these sudden changes in your lifestyle.