Expert Tips on How to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Expert Tips on How-to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Dr. Mehmet Oz shares his excitement for having a chance to host a conference on longevity in which some amazing speakers participated and gave insights on how to lead a long, healthy life. The speakers included Arianna Huffington, Dr. Micheal Breus, chef Marcus Sameulson, Olympian Alev Kelter. The experts cited examples from their own lives which would help each of us live the best possible life.

Arianna Huffington understood the importance of a good night sleep. An entrepreneur, Arianna never shied away from staying up all night to get her things done. But very soon she realized that she was going the wrong way. Neglecting her sleep had much greater consequences than what she thought. She would be so tired that once she even passed out because of lack of sleep.
So, sleep is not just resting. It is renewing the body. And there she is giving her favorite tips.

Dr. Oz takes you through some effective ways to live a long, healthy life, these are:

Reduce Your Screen Time

Dr. Oz says that the first tip given by Arianna is to avoid all mobile devices in the bedroom. She does not even charge her phone in her sleeping room. This makes you concentrate on sleep instead of other things. Next, she says it is best to have a relaxing activity before going to sleep like taking a hot shower. Also, be mindful of the clothes that you wear. Wear something different than what you put on during the rest of the day.


Know How Biological Clock Works

The next tips come from sleep expert Dr. Micheal Breus. He says that you need to figure out your own biological clock. Also, he stresses on the importance of having things on right time. For instance, you should take statin at night as cholesterol production is maximum when we sleep. You should take aspirin in the evening as platelets that cause heart attacks are stickiest in the night. You must take probiotics in breakfast because it will help protect bacteria from being killed by acids in the stomach.

Focus on Your Mental Health

Dr. Oz says that though we do not pay much attention to our mental health, it is really important to increase our longevity. If we are mentally strong, we can get through the tough times in life. Alev, a phenomenal athlete, shared that she couldn’t make to the Olympic teams and she felt devastated. She had trained her body to take emotional disappointment, so she tried for other opportunities. She participated in the Olympic rugby team and competed against Brazil.

Well, Dr. Oz says that the conference on longevity would be incomplete without talking about diet. Chef Marcus Samuelson shared his ideas on eating for a long life. He advises to eat fish. He also shared recipes for making some delicious eatables.

Maximize Your Metabolism

Dr. Oz says that maximizing the metabolism of the body is another great way to improve longevity. As per Dr. Lyle MacWilliam, it is important to have balanced vitamins and minerals to attain optimal metabolism. Vitamin D, as we all know, is important for our bone health. But without appropriate amounts of vitamin K2 we may not be build strong bones. So, to maximize the bone renewal system, you should get around 2000 IU of vitamin D and 30 micrograms of vitamin K in a day.

Breathe Fresh Air

Environment also plays an important role in having a long life, says Dr. Mehmet Oz. Air quality is taken seriously in workspaces as it is known that in places that are poorly ventilated, employees take more sick leaves than in places that are properly ventilated. Air quality in home is also important. We breathe toxins in the air and this can negatively affect our health. Dr. David says that the easiest and best way to have fresh air in and bad air out is to open the windows. You can even opt for installing a window fan.

Repair Your Body Cells with Vitamins and Minerals

Dr. Oz says that cells, the building blocks of our body, are repeatedly bombarded by molecules that damage them. So, repairing and replacing the cells is important in living and maintaining a long and healthy life. Although we wish we could get all vitamins and minerals from the foods that we eat but it is hardly the case. So, we must take multivitamins. Dr. Sinnott scientific officer at USANA, has come up with a new product Incelligence which is an upgraded version of their multivitamin. Antioxidants and minerals in Incelligence can lead to renewal of cells and healthier ones.

Dr. Oz hopes that these tips to lead a long and healthy life would be beneficial to the readers.