How Zinc Can be Beneficial to Your Health

How Zinc Can be Beneficial to Your Health

Do you want to enhance your immunity, heal from the inside out, prevent loss of vision and fight the signs of aging? Dr. Andrew Weil says that in such a case, zinc, a micronutrient, is worth considering.

Zinc has an important role to play in the production of cells, and rejuvenating the skin by making new skin cells. However, you must take care of the quantity you take. This mineral, when taken in moderate amounts, can boost the immunity. However, when taken in excess, it can suppress the immunity. So, you should avoid taking high quantities of this micronutrient.

Dr. Weil mentions of plant sources of zinc, including legumes and pulses, whole grains and organic soy products. Among animal sources, cooked oysters and grass-fed red meat are the best ones. Dairy products and foods having high content of calcium, which decrease zinc absorption. Conversely, protein-rich foods augment its absorption.

Zinc supplements can deplete the concentration of copper in the body. Hence, Dr. Weil recommends taking a multivitamin, comprising both zinc and copper. It is also suggested to be consumed along with a meal so to prevent upset stomach. Always keep your zinc dosage below 30 mg a day, unless prescribed by your physician.