Hypothyroidism and Other Factors that Can Cause Sleep Troubles

Hypothyroidism and Other Factors that Can Cause Sleep Troubles

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which, there is a decrease in the production of thyroid hormones. This slows down the metabolism and can lead to issues in the heart, mood, gastrointestinal tract along with problems related to the growth of skin, hair and nails. This also has an effect on your sleep, just like hyperthyroidism in which, the thyroid levels are higher than normal.

Dr. Andrew Weil says that if you are on medications for treating your thyroid problem, you can even talk to your doctor regarding any sleep problems you are facing. Simple blood examination can tell you if the levels of thyroid hormones are normal or not. If the levels are normal, there may be some other factors at play.

It could be insomnia or sleep maintenance insomnia, which is more common than having difficulty falling asleep. The incidence of sleep maintenance insomnia is more in women than men. Also, there is no underlying medical cause. It could be due to sleep apnea, depression, restless leg syndrome or chronic pain. Nevertheless, there could be many other possibilities as well that are discussed below:


If your bed, pillow, mattress is in a bad condition, it could hamper your sleep. Periodically, check whether you mattress hasn’t been tattered and try replacing it if it is worn out. You could even go for a new pillow.



A white noise generator, which produces soothing sounds like that of ocean waves, tropical rain and waterfall can help you tackle and avoid noises that disturb your sleep.

Apprehensions and Worries

If you cannot sleep because of thoughts hitting your mind, try the deep relaxing breath, which will help you deal with problems that are not letting you sleep.

Know what triggers bad sleep

If it is caffeine, avoid tea, coffee and other drinks containing the same. Alcohol can also intervene with your sleep. Do not smoke because nicotine can be stimulating.

Power Nap

Taking a small nap for 10-20 minutes in the afternoon can give you a boost. But if you take one for a longer duration, it can definitely disturb your sleep.


Regular exercise, including jogging, walking and swimming can give you a good sleep.


This is repeating certain words, syllables and phrases in the mind, which will unite consciousness and defeat negative mental states. It works best for people having restless mind and those, who are unable to relax because of turbulent thoughts. This will help a person concentrate better and attain higher states of consciousness. This repetition helps in maintaining focus and attention as well as withdrawing the mind from anxiety-producing thoughts. It beats unhappiness and agitation.