Better Your Mood with Simple Tips by Dr. Andrew Weil

Better Your Mood with Simple Tips by Dr. Andrew Weil

If you have been feeling low for a while, you are not alone. It is quite normal to feel a bit low and at times, without any reason whatsoever. Well, the good news is that you can easily uplift your mood by following some simple steps. Dr. Andrew Weil shares a few easy-to-follow tips to enhance your mood.

He says that the first thing you must realize is that your low mood could be due to a stressful situation or a reaction to one such situation. Psychologists describe it as “situational sadness.” You have to understand that if the situation is not going to change anytime soon, your attitude towards it would certainly change.

Dr. Weil asserts that human beings are exceptionally great at “habituating” – accepting the setbacks, regaining their emotional equilibrium and moving forward eventually. Thus, knowing this fact can actually help you overcome such situations easily.

Tips To Enhance Your Mood

Tips To Enhance Your Mood


Let’s learn how can you enhance your mood by following these easy steps.

1. Walk, Walk and Walk

At times, the negative thoughts can be curbed by changing the scenery around us. A little exercise could effectively light up your mood. A walk can certainly make you feel better in no time.

2. Eat That Piece of Dark Chocolate

It is largely known that certain chemical compounds in dark chocolate can boost your mood by increasing the levels of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. You can have an ounce of dark chocolate, comprising around 70% cocoa solids.

3. Listen to Your Favorite Music

The American Music Therapy Association claims that music can reduce blood pressure, improve breathing, relax muscular tension, reduce heart rate and improve cardiac efficiency. And, all these are backed by research. Along with all these health benefits, listening to music can also help you boost your mood.

4. Spend Time With Your Companion Pet

A research involved giving certain stressful tasks to participants like submerging hand in cold water for 2 minutes and solving arithmetic problems. The researchers noticed that people, who came along with their companion pets considered these stressful tasks as “challenging” instead of “threatening.” Studies also proved that people, who spend considerable time with their companion pets, have least issues and their mood gets better quickly.

5. Sniff An Essential Oil

Several scents have been associated with mood upliftment up on inhalation. These include lemon balm and vanilla. You can pour a few drops over a cloth and inhale it. Alternatively, you can use an essential oil in a diffuser and inhale it slowly.

6. Straighten Up

It would be surprising to many, but your posture can affect your mood too. Your low mood can make you slump; thus, you must make conscious effort to stand straight. Ensure that your neck and head are properly aligned. This could unbelievably improve your mental balance instantly. Being in this posture could also help you breathe properly, which again contributes to a better mood.

Dr. Weil advises that you can perform these activities alone or in combinations. For instance, you can walk while listening to your favorite tracks to instantly feel better. Make sure your head is held high and keep your shoulders back. He believes that this will definitely create a synergistic effect and uplift your mood almost instantly.