For 30’s – Try These Best Antiwrinkle Methods

for 30s try these best antiwrinkle methods

As soon as you hit your 30s, a completely new gamut of skin care and beauty rules get laid down for you. This is because the skin starts becoming more sensitive after 30. Therefore, it is the just the right time to begin investing in your skin care regimen.

Aging becomes more visible on your skin when you reach your 40s. However, you may begin to get wrinkles in your 30s only. This may be due to genes or environmental factors at play. There are two types of skin aging – extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic is due to environmental factors, whereas intrinsic is caused by genes.

While one cannot do much about intrinsic factors, there is still a possibility to control extrinsic factors. Moreover, the skin-related changes brought about by either of the two factors can also be managed by various antiaging methods. These include some precautionary measures, use of skin care products as well as medical procedures and drugs.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Avoid excessive exposure to sun. It is not a hidden secret that UV rays from sun can cause premature aging. Some of the signs of aging like wrinkles and blemishes are not due to aging, but because of exposure to sun or other environmental factors. You can protect your skin by using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.


avoid excessive sun exposure

Use Only Quality Skin Care Creams

Focus more on quality skin care creams. There are many skin care creams in the market, so it is important to check the quality of the product that you would be using. Prescription strength retinoid products like tazarotene and tretinoin are very effective antiwrinkle agents. However, these may cause redness and irritation that is not tolerable for everyone.

use only quality skin care creams

Follow a Skin Care Routine

You must follow a specific skin care routine on the basis of your skin type. Apply a thin layer of serum or cream in the morning and before going to bed for revitalizing the skin and to get rid of wrinkles. To remove dead skin cells and fight dullness, exfoliation should be done before going to bed with a moisturized skin brush.

Skin becomes duller in the 30s and more wrinkles start to appear. So, enzymatic skin peels should be incorporated in the skin care routine. To increase the rate of renewal of new cells try pineapple enzyme, mushroom peels.

follow a skin care routine

Use of Serums

Use lighter lotions or serums when you are in your 30s. This is because thicker antiaging creams may lead to acne. Dermatologists consider a light product which protects against UV rays and has antiaging properties the best option for the skin.

use of serums

Use of Topical Antioxidants

Go for topical antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. This will help in protecting the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress – the major contributors to premature skin aging. As a person turns 30, the skin starts losing its softness and moisture that can be restored with oils containing such active ingredients.

One can also opt for retinol. Vitamin A derivatives like retinol act as wonderful antiaging agents. They optimize skin texture and collagen production. During 30s, what happens is that skin cells become lazy, i.e., cell turnover slows down and there is decrease in collagen production.

use of topical antioxidants

Consuming a Balanced Diet

Balancing your diet can help you a lot in maintaining your skin health. Go big on greens and cut down on sugars and caffeine. Sugars promote aging and increase the effects of aging. These also deteriorate the skin, leading to acne and breakouts. Sugar inflames the skin and binds to collagen, thus making skin rough and saggy.


consuming a balanced diet

Use of Sunscreens

Use sunscreen religiously, especially before stepping out in the sun. This will protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Use a product that moisturizes your skin and protects against UVA, UVB and pollution.

Use of Sunscreens for For 30's – Try These Best Antiwrinkle Methods

Medical Procedures

One can look out for medical treatment options. If you are very serious about reversing your wrinkles in your 30s, you can consider medical procedures that will help prevent wrinkle formation and treat the existing ones. A dermatologist can suggest you options like botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

These procedures need minimum time and help in revitalizing your skin temporarily. Prescription-strength skin creams are also available that can be used to reverse the signs of aging. The two most important treatments are discussed below:

medical procedures


Botox, cosmetic fillers and other injections are becoming popular for treating wrinkles and fine lines that start appearing in the 30s. People even go for something called as preventative injections. Apart from smoothening and tightening the skin, fillers makes the skin to appear more youthful.

The antiaging properties of botulinum toxin (Botox) are widely known. It relaxes the muscles and so, prevents wrinkles and creasing. It is highly effective in frown and surprise lines on forehead, expression lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and turkey neck on the throat. Botox is prescription based only. Botulinum is a neurotoxin and there could be fatal consequences if not used under medical supervision.



Another way to minimize wrinkles is with the help of laser. As we age, both collagen and elastin are lost. These two keep our skin flexible and plump. Laser treatments activate cells in the deeper dermal layers of the skin; thereby, increasing production of collagen and elastin.