Why Cannabidiol Is Becoming So Popular Even If It Doesn’t Get You High?

why cannabidiol is becoming so popular even if it doesnt get you high

One of the most striking questions these days regarding cannabidiol (CBD) is why people are using it if it does not get them high? Well, there must be something important about CBD that people are increasingly using such a drug which does not pop out one’s mind. It is an important question for those who are looking for the medical benefits of CBD.

CBD is one the active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is extracted from the cannabis plant and lacks any psychoactive and intoxicating effects, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which shows the same mind-altering effect as marijuana. Cannabidiol can be proved to be a very promising neuroprotective agent. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is helpful in down-regulating anxiety and depression.

Cannabinoids may have low toxicity levels show a few side effects. It is safe even when taken in high doses. All these properties led to an increased demand for CBD in these years. In many countries, people use CBD in gummy form, consuming it whenever they feel anxious. They really feel that it is very helpful, totally different, and safe as well.

What Are the Medical Benefits of Cannabidiol?

There are many diseases which can be treated with CBD. The medicinal properties of cannabidiol help people in getting relief in different conditions, such as anxiety, depression, arthritis and many more. Pain associated with multiple sclerosis can be treated with CBD. People are opting for cannabidiols as an alternative to opioid-based painkillers which have adverse health effects.


In today’s world, busy lifestyle tends to make people stressed and tired. There are so many drugs and painkillers available in market which boasts of providing relief. But, these all might have some side effects. So, it is necessary to look for a safer alternative to cure our health problems. People are becoming aware of CBD, which is a new drug that does not cause any side effects, if any, is mild. People believe that it gives a soothing effect and deliver positive thoughts. For those, who suffer from regular headaches and spend restless nights and lazy mornings, it is a compliment to them.

Not only this, CBD is also very effective in helping people who are suffering from tobacco or marijuana addiction. According to several studies, it acts directly on the receptors of neurotransmitter that is responsible for addiction. In 2015, a case study was published in which a bipolar man who was addicted to marijuana was given CBD. Results show that the person does not exhibit any signs of anxiety and stress after using CBD.

Is Cannabidiol Legal?

CBD does not exhibit any psychotic effects unlike THC. It is the weed that does not get you high. This is the reason why in many states of the U.S., it is legal. Also, in several states which restrict the use of legal recreational or medical marijuana, CBD is legal. Certain standards are set by the government for the controlled growth of marijuana. An organic chemist Roger Adams experimented with the growth of marijuana plants that contain a high level of cannabidiol and no THC. Last year FDA knocked several number companies stalking CBD on unsubstantiated claim that it could reverse or cure cancer. Meanwhile, investigations are still going on that how CBD is responsible for curing such diseases.

While CBD is legal in most of the states, there are conditions when it isn’t legal. The difference between legal and illegal depends on many important factors determined by a particular state. However, one of the important factors is where CBD is derived marijuana or from–hemp. Know more about the legal aspects of CBD here.

Can CBD Get You High?

CBD is one of the main components of marijuana, the second is tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a mind-altering drug, whereas CBD does not have any such effects. CBD attracts the people who would never smoke during tension and anxiety. You can take CBD in any form. It tastes more like a cannabis, slightly minty. While marijuana has its euphoric and mind-altering effects, cannabidiol does not influence your state of mind. Because of this reason, it is legal in many parts of the world where marijuana and other weeds are not allowed.

Some people use it as a face mask along with chamomile, aloe vera, sage. They believed that a little CBD when applied on the face could prevent skin damage and make look younger. CBD is perfect for the first timers as it does not have an adverse effect like marijuana. Some people call cannabis “super- nutrient” or the “super plant.”