Muscle Building at Home – Home Workout Plan

muscle building at home home workout plan

You want to build muscles, gain mass, bag the title of the “fittest men.” You may be motivated and enthusiastic to start your muscle building plan at the earliest. But, there can be hindrances in your path! You may be working long hours or at the night, you can’t afford a hefty gym fees, or it may be just the distance to your nearest gym that is making you postpone your plan by a week every day. There can be scores of reasons that might be restricting you from hitting the gym floor.

Burning calories, taking proper diet and weight lifting are the keys to muscle building. What does not matter is whether you are running on a treadmill or in the park, whether you are lifting iron weights or using your own weights in a creative way. Hence, hitting the gym shouldn’t be your ultimate goal, but to follow a suitable diet as well as workout plan; doesn’t matter if it is a home setting!

So, no excuses! There is absolutely no reason that can stop you from getting you your dream built. Your body weight complemented with minimal equipment is what it all needs. So, buckle up your belts, get into your gym suit, and here we bring to you home workout exercises that can definitely help you achieve desired body size and shape.

Know Your Exercises

A perfect mix of all the below given exercises can be included in you muscle building workout plan:


Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup:

Rest your legs on the bench and your palms on the ground. Get into the pushup position. Your hand, legs and back should be straight. Lower down your body while maintaining the straightness of all the three parts. Rise back and repeat.

feet elevated pike pushup

Split Squat Jump:

Stand with your legs split apart, squat down and get up back. Switch the leg and repeat. Perform this quickly and jump while switching.

split squat jump

Spider Crawl:

As the name suggests, you need to crawl like a spider. Lie down in a push-up position and start crawling forward. You should be taking large steps and low to the ground. Swing your left hand and right leg, and vice-versa.

spider crawl

Spider Push-Ups:

Lay down in a push-up position. Now, as you lower yourself, lift your leg and pull it to your elbow. Then, rise back again bringing your leg to the original position. Repeat the same while altering the legs and hands.

spider push ups

Single-Leg Box Squats:

Stand in front of a bench, facing away from it. Lift your leg up and sit on the bench. Now, stand up without letting your leg touch the ground.

single leg box squats

Alternate Side Plank:

Lie on your side while placing your forearm on the ground, 90 degrees to the body. Keep your glutes squeezed, shoulders pulled backwards, and body should be straight. Twist your body to the ground and switch your arms. Repeat this.

alternate side plank


Siff Squats:

Stands with your feet apart. Lower down your body till your knee makes a 90-degree angle. Keep the hands out straight and back should also be straight. Get back up.

siff squats

Prisoner Squat:

Hold your hands behind your head. Lower your body till your knee makes a 90-degree angle. Rise up and jump as high as you can.

prisoner squat

Salute Plank:

Lay down on your forearms with your back and legs straight. Lift one hand and make a salute. Hold onto the salute position for a while. Resume the original position and repeat this with other hand.

salute plank

Body Saw:

Get yourself into the plank position with your feet hooked to the valslide. Keep your body straight and stiff. Push yourself backward and resume the original position. The harder you push, harder you will gain.

body saw


You will need a pull bar for this. Grab the pull bar, lift your legs to from a 90-degree angle with your body. Hold onto this position and perform the pull ups.


Skater Squat:

Stand straight with your feet apart. Lift one leg a bit and perform squats. Repeat this by switching your legs alternately.

skater squat


Jump as high as you can. Bent down, perform a push up and repeat as fast as you can.


Wide Grip Pullups:

Place your hands as wide as you can on a pull up rod and perform pull ups.

wide grip pullups

Push Up with Over Head Reach:

Perform a push up, lean onto your side and stretch your hand high up in the air. Get back into the original position and repeat.

push up with over head reach

Valslide Leg Curl:

Lie down on the ground with your back straight, hands on both sides of your body with palms facing upward. Slide your legs closer to your body while lifting your back upwards. Be sure to have your back straight while performing this exercise.

valslide leg curl

Feet-Elevated Push-Ups:

Perform normal push-ups with your feet resting on an elevated platform.

feet elevated push ups


Chin-ups are somewhat similar to pull ups; the only difference being that you need to pull yourself up to such a level, where your chin is above the pull bar.

chin ups

Alligator Drag:

Lie down on your palms in a push-up position. Place your feet on a valslide. Drag your body with your palms. Remember not to use your feet; let them slide on the valslide.

alligator dragt

Bulgarian Split Squat:

Stand in front of a bench, facing away from it. Put your leg on the bench and perform the squats. Switch legs and repeat.

bulgarian split squat

Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press:

Use a neutral grip and touch the dumbbell to your armpit on each rep.

single arm dumbbell floor press

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row:

Stand with your chest resting on an elevated bench (angle of elevation should be around 35 degrees) supporting your chest. Bring dumbbells towards your chest and lower back down until the arms are fully extended.

chest supported dumbbell row

Goblet Squats:

These are the normal squats while holding weights in hand, in front of the chest.

goblet squats

Now, when you know about all the exercises that you can perform at home, it’s time to make a perfect workout plan. Below is a “Seven-Day” workout plan, you can exactly follow or you can make some changes accordingly. Remember to perform all “A” type exercises first, followed by “B” types and then, “C” types.

Home-Workout Plan

Day Type Exercise Sets Reps Rest(Sec)
Day- 1 A Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup 4 12 60
Alternate Split Squat Jump 4 10 60
B Spiderman Crawl 6 10 30
Spiderman Pushups 6 10 30
Single-Leg Box Squats 6 6 60
C Alternating Side Plank 4 5 30
Day- 2 A Siff Squat 6 15 0
Prisoner Hold Jump Squat 6 15 60
B Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup 4 8 60
Alternating Split Squat Jumps 4 5 60
C Salute Plank 3 5 30
Body Saw 3 10 30
Day- 3 A L-Pullups 5 8 60
Feet-Elevated Pushups 5 15 60
B Skater Squat 4 10 60
Single-Leg Box Squats 4 10 60
Valslide Lateral Squat 4 10 60
C Burpees 4 10 30
Day- 4 A Wide-Grip Pullups 5 N.A. 90
B Single-Leg Box Squats 4 12 60
Hip/Thigh Extension 4 12 60
Pushup + Overhead Reach 4 6 60
C Forward Crawl 5 30 SEC 30
Day- 5 A Valslide Leg Curl 6 8 60
B Feet-Elevated Pushups 5 8 60
Chin-ups 5 8 60
C Alligator Drags 4 10 30
Day- 6 A Glute Bridge March 2 10 30
Pushups 2 N.A. 30
Bulgarian Split Squat 2 12 30
B Donkey Kicks 2 12 30
Plank to Pushups 2 12 30
Straight Leg Sit-up 2 10 30
Day- 7 A Bulgarian Split Squat 2 6 30
Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press 2 8 30
Chest Supported Dumbbell Row 2 10 30
B Goblet Squat 2 20 60
Pushups with Hands on Dumbbells 2 N.A. 60
Bent Over Reverse Fly 2 12 60