Muscle Building Without Workout – Possible!

Muscle Building Without Workout – Possible!

You may find yourself struggling to lift weights, attending sessions of bodybuilding, performing difficult exercises for building muscle. Any sort of activity requires muscles. More movement implies more gain in muscle mass. You can incorporate activities that target different muscle mass and helps you gain muscle mass in just the right places.

You may be caught up in too many things to hit the gym on a regular basis. If that’s the case, you don’t have to give up on your fitness and muscle building goals. You can still learn to build muscles without weights and get stronger. Try some home-based options without equipment that can help you gain muscle mass. These are discussed below:

Get New Hobbies

Construct a garden that requires to be maintained daily. This will give you an opportunity to work on your muscles. Weeding, twisting and bending will all lead to growth of muscles.

Get New Hobbies for Muscle Building Without Workout


Step Up Physical Activities

Secondly, you can participate in cleaning your house thoroughly and working your muscle. Use stairs instead of lift. Stand at a place to pull on the vacuum. Clean the ground, collect and pick up the clutter and rearrange the furniture. All these activities will help in working the muscles, which will eventually lead to building muscles.

Step up physical activities for Muscle Building Without Workout

Play with Children

You can even join your kids in outdoor games and take them to adventurous outings, which would require you to move and put some effort. Do skating, ride bike and play football. Accompany your children in activities that require physical activity like visiting a zoo or water park. Enjoy the beach while bending downwards to pick out the shells. Don’t just stand there and watch your children play. Instead, join them. This will give you an extra edge. Further, find opportunities to walk. Take vigorous walks throughout the day.

Play with children for Muscle Building Without Workout

Go for Supplements

In order to build muscles, one can go for supplements of creatine. Creatine is an amino acid that is obtained from various sources like fish and meat. It has been confirmed that creatine increases muscle mass when taken during high-intensity activities.

Changes in Diet

After you have done the garden or played with the kids, drink skim milk in place of soy or protein beverages. Studies have demonstrated that those, who drink skim milk after high-intensity activities lose much more of excess fat and build more muscle as compared to those, who drink carbohydrate-based or protein drinks.

Changes in diet for Muscle Building Without Workout


It is important to have strong muscles as one ages. Many people, unfortunately, just spend their time sitting and doing nothing. It is important not only for the elderly, but people of all ages to remain active.

Exercise is a tried and tested method for achieving strong muscles and a muscular body, but this could be nerve wrecking for some people. This, actually, holds true for people, who have some form of disability or are going through some illness.

When the term “exercise” is used, it leads us to think that we are talking about gym. However, this may not be true always. To build muscles, all you need is to incorporate more intense activities in everyday routine. You may not feel, but everyday tasks that require more power can give strength to your muscles.

Exercise for Muscle Building Without Workout

If you are not eating right and at the same time, not exercising, then you are doing more harm to yourself. This will do nothing but add a layer of fat on to the muscles, making them less visible. You must opt for healthy foods and should keep yourself away from junk or comfort foods to satisfy your appetite. Take out processed foods from your diet and consume a lot of vegetables and lean protein. You can make up for the requirements by having a protein shake.


If you think you require equipment for building muscles, then probably, you are wrong! You can use your body in several ways to gain muscles. Include squats and lunges in your daily routine. You don’t have to hit the gym. You just gotta be more conscious of what you are doing each day.

There are many at home activities that do not require equipment. The fact is that it is not only about performing the right activities, but also about doing them in quick progressions that will cause the muscles to tear down. This process activates the satellite cells – precursors to skeletal muscle cells – to join muscles together; thereby, increasing the size of the muscles and promoting its growth.

You don’t need costly treadmills or other equipment, usually found in hi-tech gyms. All you need is your pair of legs and good running shoes. If you spend most of your energy on cardio, your body will see magic happening. All the runners and cyclists are only doing cardio that help them burn a lot of calories. When you are doing cardio, you must bear in mind that navel must be pulled in the core. When you walk or run, pull in your abs and you will get more strength from this. Perform pushups, which work your chest, triceps and shoulders, and are good for building muscles. You can even go for crunches, which will help you develop core strength. Lunges are also great for building thigh muscles.