Smart Bracelet that detects pregnancy

smart bracelet that detects pregnancy

In Geneva, scientists have made a smart bracelet, which could not only tell you the correct time that when you can try for a baby, but also tells you whether you are pregnant or not.

Researchers examined this bracelet on Swiss women to check physiological changes in the women when pregnancy starts. They found that this bracelet cannot only tell that you are pregnant, but can also detect the best time in a month to get pregnant.

This technology would allow women to get rid of morning home procedures of a pregnancy test, which evaluates the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. “Rather than waking up every morning and trying to pee on a stick to detect the rise in hCG you would simply have the bracelet worn both night and day,” commented Mohaned Shilaih, senior researcher at University Hospital Zurich.

The team that developed this bracelet is planning to begin the real-world tests of this equipment before the end of 2017. This bracelet detects pulse variation of 2.1 beats per minute as well 0.2° Celsius change in skin temperature that are suggestive of pregnancy. These changes are basically the results of hormonal changes (estrogen and progesterone) in women.


The Telegraph said that the bracelet can detect the pregnancy around a week after conception. This device has been developed to check the women during pregnancy to warn about serious problems like pre-eclampsia – a major reason for premature births.

Until now, the researchers have enlisted 300 women and gathered data for 100 pregnancies and 1000 menstrual cycles.