Canada Brews the World’s First Marijuana–Based Beer from Cannabis


In a small Ontario laboratory, scientists are experimenting with the process of fermentation while testing different enzymes. They are focusing on developing the world’s first marijuana–based beer, brewed from cannabis. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, read on to find out more.

Dooma Wendschuh, co-founder of Province Brands, explains that most cannabis products available in the market are obtained after brewing barley, which is then infused with marijuana oil. He further asserts that the product in focus is different and brewed from the stem, stalks and roots of the cannabis plant.

This story is gaining popularity in Canada, where it is expected to become a multibillion dollar company as Canada is destined to become the 2nd country in the world to legalize marijuana–based for recreational use effective from October 17, 2018.

Edibles will become legal a year later; thereby, paving the way for development of cannabis-infused products; from honey to brownies. Canopy Growth Corp, the North America’s first medical marijuana–based firm, is currently involved in developing a range of cannabis-infused cocktails.


In Colorado, the legalization of marijuana has caused a boom in edibles and it is estimated that marijuana-related products and services would ultimately worth between 12 bn Canadian dollars and 22 bn Canadian dollars (i.e., 7 bn and 13 bn sterling pound).

Wendschuh, moved to Toronto from Miami in 2016 with a motive to capitalize on Canadian government’s decision of legalizing marijuana and to develop an alternative to alcohol. This idea stemmed from the question – whether something could be created that could replace alcohol with respect to the status it currently holds in the society, and that if legalization of marijuana can help develop such alternative.

Initially, there were several doubts about the feasibility of the idea of brewing beer from marijuana as the initial batches were something that had extremely bad taste. But, later on, with the help of some chemist, his team managed to discover the right combination of water, hops, yeast and cannabis.

Alcohol, produced during the process, is removed, which results in an gluten- and alcohol-free beer that could provide a feeling of high. The drink has a dry, rich flavor and is less sweet than that of typical beer. This beer is capable of hitting the drinker quickly as opposed to edibles that take a while to show their effect.

The objective of its manufacturers is to develop a product, which when consumed, can create an effect which is nearly equivalent to a single dose of alcohol. Till date, the company’s experimental products have had an average of about 6.5mg THC a beer.

This recipe is the backbone of a 50 million Canadian dollar company, which is aiming at becoming the world’s first cannabis brewery. The firm is also planning to introduce new variants of beers with distinct flavors and strains of cannabis, only to establish itself as a mainstream brewery engaged in producing stouts, lagers and ales.

Since the beer is brewed from the stem, stocks and roots of the cannabis plant, it proposes an alternate use of the waste products from the cannabis industry. The company gathers these waste products from the growers, which free them from the extra cost of disposing the same.

Wendschuh believes that his cannabis products will be healthier and safer[1]than alcohol, while acknowledging that it will be accompanied with its own risks. He states that neither marijuana nor beer is good for health. They are not to be taken 5 times a day or should be made the first drink to kick off the day either. He is just determined to develop an alternative to alcohol, which should have a potential to change the world.