Low carb diet for weight loss and reduction in cholesterol

low carb diet for weight loss and reduction in cholesterol

It is generally believed that diets less in carbohydrates component lead to weight loss, but this is not healthy. Some feel it is as a gimmick.

However, a recent research conducted by the researchers at Tulane University, Louisiana, suggested that a low carbohydrate diet is more effective in losing weight and decreasing blood pressure as compared to a diet less in fat.

For the study, the participants were divided in groups of two. One group received a diet less in carbohydrates by about 40 gm and other received a diet less in fat by around 30%. After one year, it was found that the group that received low-carb diet lost 8 pounds more than the other group, who received low-fat diet. Further, there was a significant decrease in bad cholesterol in participants on low-carbohydrate diet.

You can choose low carb diet if you want to try out this method. Consume non-starchy vegetables and berries as far as fruits are concerned. Cutting out on foods containing sugar and white flour would help as they contain lot of carbs. People on low-carb diet can get their calories from healthy fats like olive oil rather than saturated fats.