Desk jobs not good for heart


Working continuously for long hours while sitting on your office chair is not good for your heart. Studies have claimed that sedentary lifestyle raises cholesterol level and poses risk of heart diseases.

When you are at your office, you must take a small 5-minute exercise break after every one hour. Think of ways how you can stretch yourself between your work hours. Some tips are given below that may help you in your journey towards a better lifestyle.

Don’t park your car near the office building. Instead, choose a spot far away, which will give you an opportunity to walk and stretch while commuting to and from the office. To feel rejuvenated, walk outside during lunch and don’t just sit at one place. You can even hold meetings outside instead of conference rooms. This will even boost productivity. Some more ways to stay active during office hours are listed below:

  • Use stairs in place of elevators
  • Walk up to the seat of your co-worker to talk instead of emailing
  • Take a stroll during tea breaks
  • Don’t sit while talking on the phone. Instead, stand.

After dinner, engage yourself in some household chores instead of straightway reclining on your bed. Keep moving during advertisements while watching television. These are some small changes, but will go a long way in preventing you against the grave consequences of sedentary lifestyle.