Cancer specialists advise about alcohol

cancer specialists advise about alcohol

In a recent survey by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, over 4016 adults were questioned about their knowledge related to risk factors for cancer. Most of them reported that major causes for cancer are cigarettes and tanning beds, but only 30% told that alcohol is also a prominent factor. This was reported in New York Times.

Till date, no link between the two has been reported, but a recent study, published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, found a link between alcohol use and cancer. The report mentioned that discussing alcohol as a risk factor might reduce the risk for cancer. According to the study data, around 5.8% of cancer deaths in 2012 were because of alcohol consumption. This is a global data in which, major cancers reported were of mouth, throat, voice box, liver, breast, esophagus and colorectal.

The report concluded that alcohol consumption is very different from tobacco and cigarettes consumption, as they are restricted for consumption. While in case of alcohol, limited consumption is not risky.