Enhance Your Sleep with These Simple Tips

Enhance Your Sleep with These Simple Tips

In this blog, Kimberly Snyder talks about enhancing sleep which is important for our health and wellness. It is not only about what we eat and how well we take care of our skin with beauty products that determine our beauty, wellness, and energy. A sound sleep is very important for our overall health.

Kimberly Snyder provides some simple tips on how to optimize sleep every day so that you feel the best when you get up early in the morning and continue your day with same freshness and energy. You can also watch her YouTube video wherein she talks about ways of enhancing sleep.

Kimberly’s tips to enhance our sleep are discussed below

  • Get Enough Light: Here Kimberly is not talking about the light that you get at night. She says that your exposure to natural daylight is equally important for your health. You should spend some time outside in the sun while going to work. Researchers say that if you get sunlight or natural light before noon, it could help you with circadian rhythms. It will also boost your sleep cycle so that you can sleep better in the night.

Kimberly says when you are about to sleep at night, you should dim the lights or use a smaller lamp instead of using intensely bright fluorescent lamps. You could use a salt lamp that is available at a very cheap price and fix them on both sides of the bed. It’s a soft, nice red light. So, if you have the sunlight in the morning and softer light in the evening, it will be really beneficial.

Get Enough Light

  • Sip a Soothing Drink in the Evening: It is known to us that what we drink and what we eat has a deep impact on our mood as well as sleep. You can drink milk or have some milky drinks in the night that helps promote serotonin which is a sleep inducer. Also, some herbal teas are available that can be made from tulsi. This is highly beneficial for relaxing the mind and relieving anxiety. It is a well-known fact that when our mind is racing, we cannot sleep. So, drink something milky; hemp milk-based or tulsi drink can be really helpful.

Sip a Soothing Drink in the Evening

  • Practice Abhyanga or Self Oil Massage: This technique makes use of skin which is the largest organ. It is a very soothing massage which relaxes the nervous system. This helps in promoting sleep. It connects us to the present moment and is great for the mind. When you get in touch with the present, your anxiety reduces. The oils that you can use are coconut oil and sesame oil for massaging before you take shower in the evening. It makes you feel good and provides a soothing effect. It really helps you having a good sleep. Isn’t it nice, self-care practice at the end of the day!

Practice Abhyanga or Self Oil Massage

  • Music: It is a potent tool for relaxing the mind. Music is synonymous with vibration. And research has proven that everything is vibration. In other words, vibration is energy. And music is nothing but energy. In the evening you can put on some relaxing classical music or yoga music that soothes you. It sets you in the mode of relaxation.


  • Honor the Hour Before Sleep: The hour before we go to sleep has a deep impact on our sleep. This is the time when you stop using your all devices and enter into the sleeping mode. Do not invest this time in answering work emails as this may be a stressful experience. Instead, save this task for the next morning when you are fresh. Do not watch TV during late night hours particularly shows that are stimulating and violent in nature. This is the time when you take your shower, read your book, and get in bed. This will help you have a quality sleep.

Honor the Hour Before Sleep