How to Reverse Signs of Aging While Losing Weight and Boosting Immunity

An Absolute Fix for Antiaging Weight Loss and Immunity

Surprisingly, women like Jennifer Lopez and Christie Brinkley look even younger and fit than their 30s. Have you ever thought of how these women have managed to age so gracefully? Maybe, they have mastered the art of aging with utter charm and grace. Yes, they have, and the good news is even you could do so!

Aging is a natural process that usually accompanied by reduced immunity and weight gain. So, what is a quick yet reliable fix for antiaging along with weight loss and immunity? Well, Jillian Michael has the solutions to all such age-related concerns.

The renowned fitness trainer, Jillian Michael explains some do’s and don’ts that we can incorporate in our life to fetch antiaging, weight-loss and immunity-boosting benefits with increasing age.


1. Include Vitamins in the Diet: Vitamins are one of the essential nutrients required by our body as they help cells grow, function and develop properly. There are a total of 13 vitamins that have a specific work in our body. Vitamins help reduce stress, build immunity and prevent you from aging.


Natural sources of vitamins include shellfish and whitefish, eggs, poultry and beef. Vitamin B supplements are also available in the market.

Include Vitamins in the Diet

2. Have Herbal Supplements: There are multiple herbal drinks and supplements that help your body fight against the effects of environmental pollutants, alcohol, aging as well as manage weight. Milk thistle and dandelion tea are wonderful herbal supplements that help maintain liver health and enhance metabolism, respectively. This tea is used to reduce food craving as suggested by Naomi Campbell, an ageless beauty; consume it 3 times daily.

  • Milk Thistle: A flowering herb, which is considered as a natural treatment for various health conditions; especially, liver-related like jaundice and cirrhosis and hepatitis along with gallbladder disorders. It is also beneficial for diabetics, and people high cholesterol level.

Milk thistle also acts as an antioxidant that helps in weight loss. Milk thistle is available in the form of oral supplements and tea.

Have Herbal Supplements1

  • Dandelion Tea: Dandelion tea is a weed, which is used as traditional medicine. Dandelion tea helps reduce water weight and promote your liver health. It is a diuretic, which is known to prevent eye and skin problems. You can consume it thrice daily.

Dandelion Tea3


1. Say No to Alcohol: Alcohol is highly toxic and an addictive beverage. Ethanol, the key ingredient of alcoholic drinks, directly gets metabolized by our liver. High alcohol intake leads to premature aging, weight gain and decreased immunity.

Alcohol intake also leads to various health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression, memory loss, ovarian and breast cancer. If you are addicted to alcohol, then withdrawal is difficult but possible.

You can start by limiting the alcohol intake to twice a week. As alcohol dehydrates you severely, you should hydrate yourself with lemon water in between alcoholic drinks.

Say No to Alcohol2. Say No to Smoking: Smoking is harmful in many ways. Smoking leads to damage to the heart, lungs and skin. Besides, long-term smoking can cause sagging skin, wrinkles (smoker’s lines), yellowing of teeth and hair thinning.

Say No to Smoking

3. Say No to Fake Foods: Foods that we use on a daily basis consists of chemicals like high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats along with additives like artificial sweeteners and synthetic hormones (non-organic meat and dairy products), carcinogenic nitrates and colors. These not just cause obesity and lowering of metabolic functions. You should try avoiding such foods and switch to organic fruits and vegetables that act in multiple ways, such as against aging and weight gain, and promote longevity.

Say No to Fake Foods