How to Remain Wrinkle-Free for Longer: 15 Amazing Tips


Aging is a process that everyone comes across in life. No matter how hard we try, we can never win over this inevitably natural phenomenon. But, including certain healthy practices in daily life, we can slow it down to some extent. Although, the sedentary lifestyle having irregular eating habits, lack of quality sleep and no physical activities seemingly may cause signs of aging at an early age. So, what is the best we can do is living a healthy lifestyle right from the younger age. It will certainly benefit in the longer run. Also, your skin will be thankful to you for such extra care, returning the favor with keeping you younger even at your later years.

Nobody wants the day when you look yourself in the mirror and notice some wrinkles around the eyes, face and neck. Wrinkles and aging go hand in hand when it comes to the appearance of a person, especially facial wrinkles. Signs of aging first appear with wrinkles such as around the eyes (crow’s feet) and on the forehead.

We often search for the DIY tips and methods to reduce the signs as we do not want to go for certain procedures such as Botox or similar methods that come with some side effects and put an extra load on your pockets as well. So, here are some natural and homemade solutions that are some of the best solutions to look for.

  • Eat Healthy: You look what you eat, it suits here better as our food choices can make or break our body. If we eat a healthy balanced diet, then fewer toxins accumulate in our body which leads you to age slowly and less wrinkled.

  • Drink Enough Water: Water has miracle-like benefits as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body regularly. Also, it hydrates the body and skin and a well-moisturized skin looks younger. A daily consumption of 5-6 liters of water is the cheapest and easiest way to get a youthful skin.

  •  Moisturize Regularly
    After implementing enough water in your routine, proper and regular moisturization is an essential part to get a youthful skin. Since dried, flaky skin looks lifeless and gets wrinkled early; so, a good moisturizer with ingredients like fatty acids, hyaluronic acids, salicylic acids, glycerin and essential oils, etc. and a night cream with anti-aging properties, powerful peptides for your eyes are the best gifts you can give to your skin.

  • Take Enough and Sound Sleep
    A sleep deprived body releases stress hormone, cortisol that breakdowns skin cells that can cause more wrinkled face. A good night sleep plays an essential role in making you refreshed and rejuvenated as the signs of aging can be shown from looking a person’s eyes.

  • Implement Regular Face Yoga: Face yoga includes moving and stretching some target face muscle that helps in relaxing them and this results in smooth and tension free facial muscles with fewer wrinkles. Also, face yoga gives you a natural glow and lift.
  • Proper Skin Care: To get a healthy and younger looking skin, you should follow a proper skin care regime that includes cleansing and moisturizing. Always remove dirt and makeup after you come back home and moisturize thoroughly especially before sleeping as while sleeping the skin cells get themselves repaired. But with dirty skin, cells cannot take proper oxygen and cannot be replenished.
  • Include Antioxidants Rich Foods: Antioxidants are highly recommended for wrinkle-free skin. So, include more and more antioxidants to reduce wrinkles especially the foods that are rich sources of Vitamin A, C and E.

  • Apply Natural Skin Products and Avoid Harmful Chemical Cosmetics:
    Today, various skin care cosmetics have harsh chemicals which can harm your skin with prolonged use. And skin has the ability to absorb whatever comes into its surface, so avoid chemical-containing products. Always look for its ingredients when buying a cosmetic and make sure that they are not harmful to your skin.

  • Avoid Pollutants Exposure: The air in which we breath is not fresh enough for our lungs and skin as well as it has a lot many pollutants that cause wrinkled skin and aging. Always use preventive measures to avoid harmful pollutants effects such as covering your exposed area especially the face before leaving home.

  • Engage in Stress Relieving Activities
    Stress is an enemy of a wrinkle-free and healthy skin. Reduce the stress by implementing some exercises such as yoga, meditation, listening to music, playing instruments and any other activity that you find yourself enjoying and relaxing. Spend some quality time with your friends and family that make your life more socialized and beautiful.

  • Avoid Sugar
    Eating sugar can cost your skin a lot as sugar is the cause of damaged collagen and wrinkled skin.
  • Get Ash-less to get Ageless: Smoking is injurious to health, this is the warning that we often hear but it is also very bad for the skin especially when you are looking for the ageless skin. So, get determined and quit smoking ASAP.

  • Eat Healthy Fats: Fats are always essential for a healthy body and a healthy skin but the good one (not that bad fat that are in junk foods), which we can get from olive oil, flax seeds, avocados, nuts and fish.
  • Limit Sun Exposure: Sun exposure is the major cause of skin damage and early aging. Sun exposure causes 95% skin damage and wrinkles on the skin. The harmful UVA and UVB rays can create havoc on the skin if we stay under the sun for longer. Always apply a good amount of sunscreen on the exposed area of your skin with SPF 30+ at least and apply it before 30 minutes from leaving home.

  • Stay Positive: Being positive always gives you positive outcomes and that will show on your body and face consequently you find your surroundings stress-free and positive that makes you happier. Positivity and gratitude are the ultimate solutions for all the problems to lead a healthy life.