How to Overcome Food Craving and Lose Weight?

how to overcome food craving and lose weight

Food craving is the real enemy to dieters. Everybody makes diet plans, but a few follow them, because of their unstoppable urge for food. Moreover, there are some environmental triggers, such as seeing or smelling food, which can increase a dieter’s desire for food. Craving for food is one of the biggest reasons that people are overweight. So, let’s learn some fast tricks to avoid food cravings that in turn, could help you create and effectively follow your weight loss plan.

Get Enough Sleep:

Lack of sleep increases your appetite during the daytime, which leads to increased craving for food. So, sleeping at the right time and recommended duration may reduce your urge for food, which could eventually will help you to stick to your weight loss plan.

get enough sleep

Take a Healthy Breakfast:

Some people start urging for food right at the time they wake up in the morning. Their sugar level fluctuates and so, they crave for food. Therefore, such people should consume meals, especially the breakfast, that contain more fibers and proteins to control weight gain and their craving for food the next hour. You can take scrambled egg on a wheat bread to fill your stomach early morning.


take a healthy breakfast

Fight Hunger:

If you feel hungry more frequently, then you should take a look at your diet plan once. Keeping in mind your weight loss plan, you should consider consuming frequent yet small meals, which could keep your stomach filled all the time. Make sure that your food should not be a source of fat, but rich in fibers and carbs.

fight hunger

Consume Meals at Scheduled Hours:

To stop your craving for food, you must eat according to your daily set time. One must avoid casual eating at any time of the day, since this habit won’t fill your stomach and make you hungry only after some time. This could lead to weight gain due to more consumption of food.

consume meals at scheduled hours

Distract Yourself from Food:

You should engage yourself in other activities to avoid food craving, which could help ultimately help you lose weight. For instance, doing household works, calling a friend and taking a walk could allow you to keep your thoughts far away from food.

distract yourself from food

Drink Plenty of Water:

If you feel an urge for food, try drinking a glass or two of water, and wait for a few minutes. If you do this, definitely you will feel that you are no more craving for food. Drinking water helps reduce appetite and can contribute to your weight loss program.

drink plenty of water

Eat More Protein:

Eating more proteins keeps you away from overeating. It makes you feel full and satiated for a longer duration. Overeating is one of the major reasons for weight gain, and intake of protein reduces your frequent cravings for food; thereby helping you to lose weight.

eat more protein

Work Against Stress:

Stress may boost your craving for food, and encourage you to eat more than what you eat normally. Stress raises your level blood of cortisol – a hormone, which is responsible for weight gain around the belly area. So, being in stress may induce unnecessary food craving and contribute to weight gain. You can indulge yourself in meditation, yoga and other leisure activities to remain stress-free.


work against stress

 Take Spinach Extract:

Spinach extract is a recent addition to the supplements market that could help you lose weight. It delays fat digestion, which increases hormone levels and reduces hunger for several hours; thus, helps you avoid overeating.

take spinach extract

Avoid Supermarkets to Satiate Hunger:

Supermarkets make you shop for unhealthy, but tempting food even more than your hunger. So, avoid going to stores, where you find unhealthy eatables skillfully placed to grab your attention. Try to eat something before you go to the supermarkets to prevent hunger while you shop. This again could help you to stick to your weight loss plan.

avoid supermarkets to satiate hunger

Foods that Can Satisfy Your Hunger:

Below mentioned foods can work wonders for you in case you are planning to lose weight:

  • Apples: These are rich in fiber that easily fill your stomach and control your craving for many hours. They are anti-inflammatory and so, helps in reducing weight.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Green veggies are rich in nutrients. You can have them without worrying about weight gain. Lettuce, spinach, carrots, broccoli, among others are great options for dieters.
  • Bananas: Just two bananas can fill your stomach for some hours. These not only provide energy but also control hunger. Don’t consume more bananas as it may lead to weight gain.
  • Shrimps: Shrimps are very filling and considered as a low-calorie diet. It can reduce craving for food as well as control weight.
  • Nuts: You can take almonds and pine nuts as they are rich in proteins and also a great source of fiber. Nuts produce appetite-controlling hormones that ultimately, help you control your hunger.

foods that can satisfy your hunger