Infertility — Types, Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Infertility -- Types, Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Infertility is a condition in which conception of children is not possible. Medically, infertility is defined as not being able to have a baby after at least one year of having unprotected sex. Either partner may be having the problem, or it may result from a combination of factors. It must be noted that infertility is not a disease, but it can affect all aspects of a person’s life.

Infertility can lead to various psychological issues like frustration, anxiety, depression. It can affect both the genders. Majority of male infertility is due to low sperm count, bad sperm quality or both. Females having infertility face issues with ovulation, cervix problems, damage to uterus or fallopian tube. Female Infertility also occurs as a woman ages because fertility naturally tends to decrease with age.

Infertility occurs in about 15% of the cases globally. Some causes can be detected and treated while some may not be treatable. Around 10% cases are that of unexplained infertility.

Types of Infertility

There are two types of infertility. One is primary infertility in which a couple has never had a pregnancy. There is another type of infertility, known as secondary infertility. In this, a woman has been pregnant before, but is not able to conceive as of present scenario.


Symptoms of Infertility

Symptoms in Women

In women, the following can be the symptoms of infertility:

Symptoms in Men

The symptoms may not be very clearly seen in males. These may be overlooked until one tries to have a child. Some symptoms are given below:

Causes of Infertility

Causes of Infertility in Males

The following are the causes of male infertility:

Causes of Infertility in Females

Cure of Infertility

Cure for Women

Treatment depends on the causes that are preventing the women from getting pregnant.

If there are issues with ovulation, one may go for medications, such as clomiphene, which stimulates ovaries to release eggs. Other medicine that can be used is metformin, which is used for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome

If infertility cannot be attributed to any causative factors, one can go for

Blocked or damaged tubes: Tubal surgery may be required if the fallopian tubes are blocked

Endometriosis: If this is the reason of infertility, one can go for laparoscopic surgery for the removal of endometrial tissue.


Cure for Men:


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