Early Age Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Causes and Solutions

early age fine lines & wrinkles causes and solutions

Sometimes, wrinkles occur at an early age, but it does not mean that these are forever. So, we need to know what causes wrinkles and fine lines at a young age, and what can be done to prevent them. While genetics is to be partly blamed, a lot may have nothing to do with the genes. The following are the causes and solutions for treating early age fine lines and wrinkles.

Causes of Early Age Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors like extreme weather conditions and pollution can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Environmental conditions that are not salubrious can lead to free radicals attacking the healthy cells of the bodies thereby making visible the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Mistreatment of the Skin:

Wrinkles may also appear when the skin is mistreated. These may result from harsh activities like washing eyes and squeezing them on the pillow. It would be hard to believe for many of us that there are special pillowcases made from fabrics that prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Improper Cleansing

Another common reason for skin aging is improper cleaning, which can disturb the balance of the moisture in the skin. When the skin is not hydrated enough, fine lines and wrinkles develop earlier at a young age. Do not use chemical cleansers that are harsh as these can dry out the skin and rip off the natural oils.


Skin must be cleansed gently with cleaning agents according to the skin type. Young girls start using products for makeup during their teenage years. Bad quality products can cause fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. Makeup should always be removed before going to bed at night.

Use of Wrong Creams and Skin Care Products:

At a young age, one should avoid using an eye cream. Sometimes, it may be noticed that area under eye becomes dry and you may want to increase its moisture levels. The quality of cream or serum is very important. It is essential to check ingredients and avoid cheap synthetic products.

Lack of Nutrients in the Diet:

Wrinkles also occur at a comparatively younger age because of lack of nutrition or certain vitamins. Vitamins are needed to have a skin, which is wrinkle free and resistant to aging. So, get yourself checked. In case you have any nutritional deficiency, incorporate those nutrients in your diet.

Also, cut out on junk and processed foods. Include fruits in your diet and avoid drinking sugar-based soda drinks. Another method to fight wrinkles is to have adequate sleep and relaxation. During sleep, body fights against free radicals that cause aging. Skin starts to look beautiful and flawless after a good night’s sleep.


If you are stressed all the time, you will notice that your skin will start losing its luster and develop wrinkles and fine lines, irrespective of your age. Therefore, lead a stress-free life to avoid damage to your skin. Further, smoking too is bad for your skin. It dehydrates the skin and appears very dry. If you smoke, equip yourself with all the knowledge about disadvantages of smoking as it is a very crucial factor in making your skin look aged.


It is important to protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunglasses and that when you step out of your home on a sunny day. Apply a good sunscreen with SPF more than 30.


People with bad vision cannot see far off objects clearly and may sometimes squeeze their eyes to view distant objects. This squeezing can result in the appearance of wrinkles. Do not forget that the area around the eyes is very sensitive and more prone to getting wrinkles and fine lines. Treat it carefully, do not use wrong products, follow a good diet plan and a healthy lifestyle.

Solutions for Early Age Fine Lines & Wrinkles

General Skin Care:

One must take care of his/her diet to avoid premature aging and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines at a young age. Include fish, particularly salmon in your diet. Salmon is a good source of protein which is the building block of skin. It is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the skin and keep the skin youthful and plump. These are also known to reduce wrinkles. Include more soy in the diet. Soy-based supplements improve the texture of the skin and makes it firmer. Further, add cocoa to that list. Studies have shown that use of cocoa improves circulation of blood to the skin cells, hydrates them and makes the skin look younger and smoother. Also eat more fruits and vegetables.

Topical Treatments:

Use products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that help remove dead skin cells; thereby, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. AHA also stimulates the production of collagen. An FDA-approved topical treatment for wrinkles is retinoid, the stronger version of which is called tretinoin. One can also go for topical vitamin C, which helps in pigmentation and inflammatory skin conditions. A study has revealed that use of idebenone – an analogue of coenzyme Q10 – helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Other Treatments:

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